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CEF Digital Site Revamped!

The CEF Digital site has been revamped and relaunched!

The site includes restructured pages, helping you get to the information you need on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Building Blocks.

The revamped CEF Digital site provides new users with clear home pages. These pages describe the Building Blocks in a comprehensible and digestible way, helping first-time visitors quickly understand if and how a Building Block will help their project. Our "Get Started" pages help users pick up the Building Blocks in an easier way through step by step guidance.

Finally, we put your stories front and centre! Over the years, project managers, I.T. service providers and policy officers have shared their stories of how the Building Blocks are Connecting Europe, weather cleaner air in urban areas, secure and accessible national archives or combatting terrorism.

From its outset, CEF Digital has been more than just a website. It is the central online hub for information and tools related to the CEF Building Blocks. Building Block-specific user communities for enhanced collaboration between users and user groups. This could be to discuss policy, software development or pan-European collaboration. The latest release builds on all this, helping more people discover the benefits of using the Building Blocks.

The CEF Building Blocks (eArchiving, Big Data Test Infrastructure, Context Broker, eDelivery, eID, eInvoicing, eSignature and eTranslation) are common standards and technical specifications, supported by services, helping project managers use the Building Blocks to create pan-European (digital) public services. All of this is built in full-compliance with European legislation, ensuring trust and security.

We very much hope you enjoy the new site. And if you’re working on a project that is #ConnectingEurope, let us know!

Last updated on  Mar 18, 2019 17:24

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