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Goal of the current page

Provide a summary of the meeting minutes and work items discussed by the eHDSI Requirements Work Group (REQ WG).

Concept summary of the eHDSI REQ WG

Mission (why we need the REQ WG):

  • The REQ WG aims at involving the eHDSI stakeholders in the Requirements Management process and making this service sustainable on the long-term.
    • The focus of the REQ WG is exclusively on design related issues and not on operational issues within eHDSI.


  1. Work together to review and refine the eHDSI Requirements in order to ensure they best describe and meet the needs of all the eHDSI Stakeholders.
    1. Obtain a common understanding of the eHDSI Requirements.
    2. Get informed and structured feedback on the eHDSI Requirements.
  2. Ensure the smooth implementation of the approach on eHDSI Business Analysis and Requirements Management service, in order to make it sustainable on long-term.
    1. More details about the  eHDSI Business Analysis and Requirements Management service can be found at the following link: 


  • Recurrence: Bi-weekly (continuous activity).
  • Proposed Date and time: Friday, 11.00-12.00, using Webex. First meeting on 26th of October (tbc).

Key milestones:

  • March 2019 – Wave 3 Requirements Release Candidate
  • June 2019 – Wave 3 Requirements Operation Ready

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