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Are you ready for eInvoicing in public procurement?

Whether or not your public entity is obliged to implement eInvoicing depends on the conditions set in the European Directive. In this section we help you identify this level of obligation and provide you with different tools to start implementing an eInvoicing solution.

1. Check your country profile

How you need to implement eInvoicing depends on your country's policy framework. Check the situation per country.

2. Assess your eInvoicing readiness

You can assess your readiness by using the Self-Assessment tool provided as part of the eInvoicing Readiness Checker.

After filling in the form you will receive a recommendation report on the path to take to reach a higher eInvoicing compliance level. For further elaboration on this result you can contact CEF eInvoicing service desk.  

3. Get training

There are several trainings available to help you get started. See which trainings are available and how to apply for one

Need more information?

A guidance paper for public entities was endorsed on the 21 March 2016 by the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on eInvoicing.

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