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The Master Value Sets Catalogue (MVC) to be used by deploying countries in the CEF eHDSI services is the evolution of the MVC developed in previous projects (epSOS and EXPAND). It is a collection of terms, used within certain parts of the eHDSI pivot documents (either parts describing the patient demographics or the clinical problems, for example), based on standardised code systems such as ICD-10, SNOMED CT, ATC Classification, EDQM Standard Terms, or UCUM.

Important Notice

When accessing the MVC, please be aware of the different Licensing, Conditions and Terms of use of all the code systems on which it is based.

For more information see the dedicated pages:

Table of contents

MVC 5.1.0 (Wave 5)


Release details: here


MVC 4.3.0 (Wave 4)


Release details: here


MVC 3.2.0 (to be used in Wave 3)


Release details: here


(info) From October 2020 and because of the implementation of CP-eHealthDSI-037: Update project references to eHDSI in CDA IG and MVC, the names of the Value Sets in the different versions of the MVC present in the CTS - Acceptance Environment - all carry the prefix eHDSI (instead of epSOS).

MVC 3.1.1 (Wave 3 routine operation)


Release details: here



WaveVersionPublishedRelease Details
Wave 5

MVC 5.0.0.RC

Wave 4

MVC 4.2.0


MVC 4.1.1


MVC 4.1.0 Operation Ready


for adoption by eHMSEG

MVC 4.0.0.RC

Wave 3

MVC 3.1.0 Hotfix

(The PDF file version of the MVC 3.1.0 cannot be uploaded to this page as it exceeds the limit permitted by Confluence. Please, check the Central Terminology Services - acceptance/training environment - instead)

MVC 3.0.0 Operation Ready

No change in the content from MVC 3.0.0RC1

MVC 3.0.0.RC1

MVC 3.0.0-RC1.pdf
Wave 2

MVC 2.3.0 (Wave 2, routine operations)

MVC 2.3.0.pdf

MVC 2.2.2 Operation Ready


MVC 2.2.1 Operation Ready

MVC 2.2.1 Operation Ready.pdf

All the open issues identified for the MVC 2.2.0 Release Candidate have been solved (see Release Notes for details).

Issues identified in the MVC 2.2.1 Operation Ready


Some issues have been identified in the MVC 2.2.1 Operation Ready.

Please, go to the Release Notes to see which are those issues (they will be fix for the September release of the MVC).

MVC 2.2.0 Release Candidate


Open issues:

  • Update the epSOSActiveIngredient Value Set to the latest version of ATC Classification.
  • Include the English Display Names for the epSOSLanguage Value Set concepts: this Value Set has been modified to use IETF RFC 5646, the combination of the ISO 639-1 codes for languages and the ISO 3166-1 codes for countries.
  • Define how to deal with SNOMED CT inactive concepts.