CEF eInvoicing Open Session Q&A Published

The European Commission has published written Questions and Answers from the recent Open Session on electronic invoicing (eInvoicing).

On 9 June 2020, experts and policy officers from the Commission were joined by eInvoicing policy officers, technical experts and others to discuss the future of eInvoicing in Europe.

Interested parties are still welcome to provide, comments, ideas and discussion directly on the CEF eInvoicing User Community.

In addition, click below and scroll down to the downloadable Q&A document, which includes answers to questions posed during the live session, but could not be answered during the session itself. (Please note that all statements respect the opinions of the author and not the European Commission).

The European standard on eInvoicing means easier cross-border procurement – and economic activity more widely – within Europe’s internal market. Beyond making cross-border commerce easier, this standard has also proven a catalyst for digital innovation, especially in the public sector. Working at a semantic and syntactical level, the European standard on eInvoicing is a significant step in Europe’s journey towards a Digital Single Market.

Since the passing of the standard's legal adoption deadlines – 18 April 2019 for the central and 18 April 2020 for sub-central authorities – the European Commission is working intensively with stakeholders from national authorities and private entities, to define the future of eInvoicing and its wider implications for the economy.

Via the eInvoicing User Community, hosted on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Digital platform, the Commission received 44 contributions from nine countries (from the public and private sectors) as part of a wider online discussion. This concluded on 9 June 2020, when the Commission organised the first eInvoicing Open Session.

The European Commission will organise another Open Session to build on the key questions, observations and takeaways in the second half of 2020. Sign up to the CEF Bulletin to keep informed of upcoming news and events.

Last updated on  Aug 12, 2020 15:58

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