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Bulgarian Guide for Administrative Assistance and Awareness (GAAA)

The GAAA converts the citizens and business from buyers of administrative services into individuals and companies with problems, which can be solved by the administrations by provisioning of administrative services.

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The GAAA supports the provision of information about the administrative services in “problem centered form” (focused on citizens and businesses and events of life) not in “service centered form” (focused on administration). The problem definition consists of a sequence of necessary activities ensuring the corresponding problem solving. This sequence includes only one service, related exactly to the problem solved and excludes services, concerning providing the data from other administrations.

This way the GAAA is a further development of Once-Only Principle.




Start date1 Aug 2015 
DomainPublic matter 
Nature and status of project Rolled Out 
Is the OOP case/enabler mandatory? Mandatory

Enabling assets or components 

Legal interoperability

Municipality Legislation

Data handling / data exchange

Type of data sharing

Actual data

Data handler

Stakeholder nameStakeholder type

Sofia Municipality




Citizens and Business are direct consumers of GAAA-data, prepared by Sofia Municipality.

Lessons learned

It turned out that was very difficult to change the way of thinking of administration - from services seller to institution charged with the responsibility for solving of problems of citizens and business.


Disclaimer: Please note that this article is a result of the SCOOP4C Pilot Project, not an application of a CEF Building Block.

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