European Student Card (ESC)

The European Student Card (ESC) tends to enable students to assert their rights by connecting existing student cards to a digital system. Students could be able to seamlessly use services beyond their own higher education institution. 

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At the centre of the project is the creation of a digital platform: this exchange platform will allow the communication between the information systems of higher education institutions in Europe and the recognition everywhere of the student status and identity. From the recognition of his status the student in mobility will get an easy access to services without the necessity to ask for a new card or present himself at a physical desk. It could encourage a stronger cooperation between institutions and an increase of visit and exchange of international students.

The main services on which the project focuses during the two years pilot phase are:
• Recognition of student status and identity
• Access to campus, controlled spaces such as libraries
• Services with a payment: restaurants, cafeterias, vending machines, laundry… and development of electronic wallet on some campuses.
• Transfer of students records
• Organisation of Erasmus mobility between institutions and for the student through paperless process.
• Organisation of mobility in general.

URLEuropean Student Card
Start date1 Jan 2016
CountryEuropean Union


Disclaimer: Please note that this article is a result of the SCOOP4C Pilot Project, not an application of a CEF Building Block.

Last updated on  Jul 26, 2019 16:13

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