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CEF eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure

The eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (eHDSI or eHealth DSI) is the initial deployment and operation of services for cross-border health data exchange under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). eHDSI sets up and starts deploying the core and generic services, as defined in the CEF, for Patient Summary and ePrescription. The generic services are the necessary implementation of data exchange at country level, the core services at EU level[1]. These together enable the provision of Cross Border eHealth Information Services[2] (CBeHIS).

The eHDSI is financed by the Member States and the European Union through the CEF programme. The core services are set-up and deployed by the European Commission using its own resources and through calls for tender financed by CEF. The generic services are funded from the national sources and supported by grants from the CEF through a call for proposals.

The grant agreements for generic services will be managed by Innovation and Networking Executive Agency (INEA).

The 2015 work programme[3] of CEF defines Patient Summary and ePrescription/eDispensation as the scope of the eHDSI, the amendment[4] added the core services of European Reference Networks. The duration of action is 4 years (2015–2019). Future calls are expected in 2017 and possibly later during the duration of the CEF programme until 2020.

The provision of generic services in the Member State under the eHDSI means the preparation, setting-up, deployment and operations of the National Contact Point for eHealth (NCPeH) for provision of CBeHIS. A national or regional network connecting a wide range of healthcare providers to each other is a prerequisite for connecting them to a European network through the NCPeH.

The governance and operating principles of the NCPeHs are covered in the eHN Guideline[5] on an Organisational Framework for eHealth National Contact Point adopted by the eHealth Network, November 2015.

[1] The CEF Telecom guidelines define digital service infrastructures (DSIs), which are composed of ‘core service platforms’ – central hubs which enable trans-European connectivity – and ‘generic services’ which link national infrastructures to the core service platforms. ‘Building blocks’ are basic DSIs which enable the more complex digital service infrastructures to function properly.

[4] To be added

Full text available in the following link: configure eHDSI Governance

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