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Post a comment at the bottom of a page

  1. Go to the bottom of the page you want to comment.
  2. Locate the area where you can write your comment.
  3. Click the "write a comment" box and type your comment.

If your comment is not related to another comment, please make sure that you reply at the root.

To reply to a comment posted by someone else:

  1. Locate the comment you want to reply to
  2. Click on Reply just under the comment and write your reply.

If you reply to another comment, please include an "@+name" + possibly a quote from the comment.

Post an in-line comment

  1. Highlight the text you want to comment on
  2. Choose the add commentbutton that appears above the highlighted text
  3. Type your comment. In case you want to notify and address someone, tag them by typing @+name
  4. Click on Save

The selected text will appear with a yellow highlight indicating an inline comment; choose any highlighted text on the page to display the related comment(s).

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