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For public services all over Europe, information exchange across language barriers is becoming increasingly important. The CEF eTranslation building block has been established to support public services, administrations and citizens in their multilingual communication tasks.

Moreover, in 2017, the European Commission initiated the CEF eTranslation Tools and Services project which aims to contribute to the development of CEF eTranslation as "multilingualism enabler“, going far beyond simple translation.

In order to make CEF eTranslation work according to your needs, relevant tools and services will be made available through the CEF eTranslation Catalogue of Services. And of course, we will closely work with you within dedicated meetings and workshops to provide the tools and services which are right for you. We will also provide direct assistance to you with the integration and deployment of all CEF eTranslation services and keep you updated on our latest news and events.

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Call for Proposals: Pilot project for ensuring European digital language equality

The European Commission is offering €1.8 millions of funding for a pilot project with the goal to ensure digital language equality in Europe. The call, which opened on 11 June 2020 foresees the development of a “Strategic research, innovation and implementation agenda and a roadmap for achieving full digital language equality in Europe by 2030”. The deadline for application is 29 July 2020. For further information, please have a look at the related ELRC news item or visit the corresponding call page.

Last updated on 30.06.2020

 eTranslation is now also offering Chinese translation! 

Since the end of June, eTranslation, the machine translation service provided by the European Commission is offering Chinese translation. This is an important milestone for the expansion of eTranslation to non-EU languages as you can now translate from and into all EU languages, Norwegian, Icelandic plus Russian and Chinese! More information about eTranslation is available here.  

Last updated on 30.06.2020 

SMEs can now freely access eTranslation, the European Commission's automated translation tool!

The Connecting Europe Facility’s machine translation service, eTranslation, is freely available to ALL of Europe’s estimated 21 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs can now use eTranslation for highly accurate machine translations of plain text or documents between any official EU language, as well as Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian and even more to come.

You can even choose the domain of the source text, such as health or justice taking into account the language-specificities of your sector. eTranslation translates the text of any file with no alterations to images or formatting, and you can delete all translated data from the system after downloading to guarantee confidentiality.

Most importantly, eTranslation is FREE of charge, easy to use and secure.

Sign up for eTranslation here: eTranslation for SMEs

Last updated on 17.06.2020 

SME consultation on eTranslation & language technologies 

Since March 2020, eTranslation, the European Commission's secure automated translation service is open to all European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) free-of-charge. Before opening eTranslation to European SMEs, the European Commission conducted a consultation to better understand the SME's interests, needs, usage and use cases for automated translation and language technology. Out of the 2,800 SMEs that replied to the consultation, 92 % expressed interest in using a free, secure machine translation system provided by the EU. All details and results are now available here

Last updated on 17.06.2020

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12-15.10.2020European Week of Regions and CitiesBrussels
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