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The CEF eInvoicing User Community Forums are a great place to post questions and share comments with fellow eInvoicing users, implementors and Service and Solution providers. Discuss a variety of topics, from implementing Directive 2014/55/EU to promoting the adoption of eInvoicing solutions.

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The objective of the Contribute section in the CEF eInvoicing User Community is to allow eInvoicing stakeholders to participate in ongoing activities launched by CEF eInvoicing by providing information, feedback, comments or taking action in a different range of initiatives.


About the community

The eInvoicing User Community space enables stakeholders involved and interested in cross-border eInvoicing, to discuss eInvoicing in the EU public and private sectors. The space is also used for co-creative activities with the Advisory Group , which is designed to help public administrations implement electronic invoicing, as per the requirements of Directive 2014/55/EU.

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Get in touch with the CEF eInvoicing team for questions, comments or other type of requests.

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Video & Infographic on the eInvoicing standard

This video explains three important components of the eInvoicing standard: the core, Core Invoice Usage Specifications (CIUS) and Extensions.

This infographic provides a handy overview of the European standard, its implementation timeline and the services and support provided by the CEF eInvoicing Building Block.

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