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Contact point

Fabio Massimi
Direzione Tecnologie e Sicurezza
Area Trasformazione Digitale
Via Liszt, 21 - 00144 Roma

Date9th December 2019


Room capacity-
Target audience (and expected number of attendees)

Mainly private organisations from Italy - some foreign service providers as well


Milan, 9 December 2019 - CEF eInvoicing Implementation Workshops

13:30 - Registration 14:00 - Welcome from the host (POLIMI)

14:15 - Short intro from Italian government (Agenzia delle entrate, AgID)

(Topics: Current Status)

14:30 - Introduction to CEF, the tools and supporting service

(Topics: CEF activities within eInvoicing, Knowledge base, funding mechanisms)

15:00 - Introduction to the Directive and European Standard on e-Invoicing

(Topics: general intro to legal requirements, ambition levels and eInvoicing in general)

15:30 - Coffee Break

15:45 - Methods for exchange electronic invoices including Peppol

(Topics: How to build an ecosystem, how to enable cross border and domestic solutions)

16:30 - Taking E-Invoicing to the next level

(Topics: How to work with automation - Onboarding of suppliers, Strategies in other countries)

17:30 - Discussion

18:00 - End

Presentations from the CEF team on the workshop

Presentation from host


Mentimeter questions during the workshop

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