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Contact point

Maura Howe

Declan McCormack

Date23rd - 24th April 2018

The Alex Hotel

Registration starts at 08:10

Room capacity100
Target audience (and expected number of attendees)


Mainly public authorities from local, regional or national organisations.

Content and topics to be covered 

Please comment on the table below to let us know your preferable module session. Feel free to comment on specific topics you would like to see covered, so we can adapt the module session according to the target audience needs and expectations.

#ModulesYour choice
1Introduction to eInvoicingX
2The legal background
3The European norm and its contentX
4Infrastructure based on the eDelivery DSI architecture
5eInvoicing from a user perspective (including ordering and payments)X
6Examples of early adopters of large scale eInvoicing – lessons learnedX
7Basic XML using examples from the EN-syntaxes + mapping/conversion considerations
8XML Validation mechanisms
9Understanding OASIS UBL 2.1
10Understanding UN/CEFACT CII D16B
11Funding and grants for e-InvoicingX
12Introduction to the eInvoice DSI resources and toolsX
13Introduction to CEF Digital and e-Invoice readiness checkerX

Agenda day 1

eInvoicing is now the Norm – Get Ready

A European Commission, CEF Digital and eInvoicing Ireland information workshop

Event Agenda

Tuesday 24 April 2018




Registration with tea/ coffee and light refreshments

Introduction & Agenda

Declan McCormack, eInvoicing Ireland

Opening remarks

Paul Quinn, CPO and CEO Office of Government Procurement 

Introduction to CEF &

Early adopters large scale eInvoicing: Lessons learnt

Christian Rasmussen, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)

eInvoicing from a user’s perspective

Martin Forsberg, CEF

Panel discussion with Q&A

Christian Rasmussen,  CEF

Martin Forsberg, CEF

Declan McCormack, eInvoicing Ireland

Tea/coffee refreshments

The European Norm and its content

Martin Forsberg, CEF

eInvoicing Ireland: The National approach & PEPPOL explained

Declan McCormack, eInvoicing Ireland

Early adopters in the Irish Public Sector &

Panel discussion

Michael Morgan, ESBS, Department of Education

Brian Lunney, HBS, HSE

Christian Rasmussen, CEF

Martin Forsberg, CEF

Declan McCormack, eInvoicing Ireland

eInvoicing Ireland:  Event wrap-up -

Communicating the Directive

Maura Howe, eInvoicing Ireland

Questions during the workshop



Actions to be taken

Who are you?Mainly public authorities and a single service provider
Do you have a profile at CEF Digital?NoneInvite participants to use CEF Digital

Do you see other areas where trainings and webinars could be of interest?

Do public authorities have electronic workflow support for managing invoices?N/A
Which eInvoicing formats do you currently use?N/A
The European standard requires a high level of information quality. Can this prove to be a challenge in your coming implementation?N/A
Two formats - do you see this as an opportunity or challenge?N/A
Is CEF eDelivery/PEPPOL relevant to you?N/A
Dont you believe it is a problem with the cross-border scenario if each country has its own standard and does not follow the - lets say the PEPPOL CIUS - where at least someone is coordinating the development?N/A
Does this mean that you have to support the full standard to allow all suppliers across Europa to send their invoices?N/A

Pictures from the workshop - day 1

Presentations from the workshop - day 1


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