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Overview of pre-notified and notified eID schemes

Please find below information about the pre-notified and notified eID schemes under eIDAS:


PRE-NOTIFIED : The Member State has officially communicated its intention to notify its eID scheme to the European Commission.

PEER REVIEWED : The eID scheme has been peer reviewed by other Member States' representatives.

NOTIFIED : The country has notified its eID scheme to the European Commission and the information has been published to the Official Journal of the European Union.

NB: Recognition of the notified eID schemes shall take place no later than 12 months after the publication to the OJEU.

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  1. Hi, is there a list of notified eIDs somewhere? 



    1. Dear Andrea, at the moment there is only one eID notified, the German national ID and residence card. information is saved here:

      1. Dear Andrea DE MARIA, I have added some information to the page.

        1. Dear Marie EICHHOLTZER, would it also be possible to create an overview which MS pre-notified their eIDs? Thanks!

          1. Anonymous

            that would be much appreciated 

            1. Dear all - we are taking into account your request and I am exploring this possibility with the European Commission.

  2. Thank you! (smile)

    Short question: what about Italy, Croatia, Estonia and Luxembourg "undergoing the pre-notification process ending in July"?

    1. Lunch break: the rest of pre-notification is arriving and will be updated in few minutes (smile)

      1. (big grin) enjoy! And thank you again!

  3. Dear Andrea DE MARIA and Sebastian WOLPERS, information about the pre-notified eID schemes has been published. Best, Marie

    1. A news item with additional information about the most recent pre-notified schemes has been published on CEF Digital: 

  4. Hi Marie. No problem with the sharing. Thank you.

  5. Dear colleagues, I summarized main application issues regarding mutual recognition of electronic identification means in the Slovak Republic in my article (especially chapter 4). If you deal with the same problems I would be grateful to hear your opinions on how it works in your country. Link to the article (page 9 – 13):  Best, Jozef.

  6. Hi Marie EICHHOLTZER just a quick update from UK: two days ago, the 28th of August, we have uploaded all docs in order to pre-notify the UK digital identity scheme, Verify.

    Regards! (smile)

    1. Hi Federico Nardini, at which level of assurance? (smile)

  7. Hi Marina KIROVAMarie EICHHOLTZER, it is nice to see that Italian eID has also been notified finally. However, I am a bit confused regarding the assurance levels that have been finally recognized. In this overview table, "low", "substantial" and "high" are presented, but when I follow the link on the OEJU Column /2018/C 318/02 then I see only substantial and low for Italy. Is this an editorial mistake, or how should one interpret this? Which assurance level will be finally recognized for SPID?

    1. Dear Fatbardh Veseli, I confirm that Italy has prenotified SPID at the levels low, substantial and high. The information in the OJEU will be updated in the upcoming days.

      1. Italy have several identity providers. Some with assurance level Low, some with Substantial and some with High.

  8. Dear Marie EICHHOLTZER thanks for the prompt reply. I would like to avoid confusion with one more comment: Italy has now now only pre-notified, but also received the notification of its eID scheme since 3 days, as I see. So the OJEU information will then contain all three assurance levels (including high)?

    1. The OJEU publication will be updated with the level high indeed. At the moment it is missing. Italy has completed the notification for the three levels. I can notify you when I receive the updated version of the OJEU.

  9. The eID_EU mentioned at 19 september on Twitter that Spain ande Luxemburg notified their eID's. Is this page to be updated soon?

    1. Dear Gertjan Bouwers, information on this page will be updated once the information is officially published in the EU official journal. Best, Marie

      1. Hi Marie EICHHOLTZER, I was looking for the peer review report on the Belgian eID system, but did not find it linked with the opinion of the co-operation network.

        Does anyone know where I might find this document?

  10. This is a quite helpful ressource, have't seen it before. Would it possible to add links to the opinions of the CN on the peer reviewed schemes? Best, Jens

    1. Dear Jens, if you click on each MS, you will get access to all the public documents about the notified eID schemes. For the opinions of the CN, they are listed here:

      I will add the link to the CN opinion on the specific country pages.



  11. In connection with the pre-notification of the British eID scheme, acceptance into eIDAS depends on the decision of the Cooperation Network. Certain matters for their consideration are listed here,

  12. Dear Marie,

    I noticed the change you made regarding the Italian eID.  First: Derived from TAX Code or VAT code for businesses (on which i would expect that this mean can be used for company-users) Now: Derived from SPID Code (so only civilians?) Why is this change made, the mean is allready notified? It seems a major change to me.

    Kind regards,


    1. Dear Gertjan, 

      The possibility for company-users to use an eID is not linked to the availability of the attributes within the scheme, but on the conditions set by the Italian government. A full set of information regarding the SPID scheme is available on this page:

      If you have more question on how to use SPID, you may contact the Italian Point of contact for eIDAS-related matters:

      Kind regards,