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  1. Would it not be a good time to make sure that the larger audiences understands the difference between identifiers (usually commercial identification services - often by banks but also teleoperators) and identity? With SSI we will see that each and every citizen, organisation and thing will get a "factwallet" (mobile app usually) to which she can ask data sources (public and private) to make MyData they hold available (and verified) for life events - and she can then make this available to those service providers that address her life event.  The verified data is her identity. All the way to identical twin. 

    Bo Harald

    MyData steering committee member

    Real Time Economy program founder


  3. Hello Bo Harald this sounds very interesting, I would like to understand more about it. The "SSI" you mention, does that mean "self-sovereign identity"?

  4. Exactly. If you read one book this year - then it should be: Self-Sovereign Identity: Decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials

    by Alex Preukschat (Author), Drummond Reed (Author). 

    I have posted about it on LinkedIn - please check the juicy bits I have so far picked out. Massive benefits in 25 major categories. Total no-brainer that the eIDAS should build on these open global standards.

    Kind regards

    Bo Harald