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Open issues

ART-DECOR release

This is the 2nd Wave 3 hotfix release containing fixes for issues discovered during the formal test event in January/February.

The latest release is available through this page:

The ART-DECOR Release and Archiving Manager (ADRAM) handles the Release Publication and/or Archiving (keep versions) of our project.

A publication in ART-DECOR typically includes the following artefacts derived from a DECOR project:

  • An HTML Online extract that acts as a “freeze” of the current specifications in the DECOR project; it contains project and version information scenarios and transactions, value sets, templates, issues and a summary of the compilation process. The HTML is published at a specific site, known in the project definition as the “Publication location”; Along with the HTML online version, also a downloadable HTML Package is created
    that typically also works offline.

  • A Schematron Runtime Environment containing the generated ISO schematrons from the templates, including all necessary other artefacts like value sets and pointers back from error messages to the published specification (according to the “see” instructions in the generated schematron);

  • A generic (or customized) PDF Publication generated upon request for download, containing all desired artefacts rendered in an appropriate form;

v3.0.1 - Release Details
TemplateDocumentChangeJIRA issue linkART-DECOR issue linkImpact on deploying countries implementation
  • epSOS CDA custodian
PS, eP/eDThe epSOS CDA Organization template was reused to represent the Custodian Organization. In the CDA_extended.xsd file, there is the restriction for the Custodian Organization that it can contain no more than one telecom element. By specifying a specific Organization for the Custodian, this restriction can be set.

EHSEMANTIC-343 - Getting issue details... STATUS



From now on the Header Level Template definition for the Custiodian is aligned with the schema definitions.

  • Section Dispensation
eDThis is a piece of CP-018 that was not implemented. In the Section Dispensation template the cardinality of the element hl7:section/hl7:entry is changed from 1...* to 1...1."

EHSEMANTIC-534 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Shouldn't have any impact. Since we only one prescription item is allowed in a single prescription, only one item is able to be dispensed.

  • Medication Item

The Model Based validation of the IHE Gazelle EVS Client cannot distinguish between the two adjacent hl7:effectiveTime elements (medication regimen and frequency of intakes). By redesigning the template structure and changing the choice element and the predicates.

EHSEMANTIC-605 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Fixing model based validation issue in the IHE Gazelle EVS Client.

  • epSOS CDA substanceAdministration
eP/eDThe Schematron validation of the IHE Gazelle EVS Client cannot distinguish between the three adjacent hl7:entryRelationship elements with @typeCode attribute 'SUBJ'. Predicates are added to distinguish between the different elements.

EHSEMANTIC-616 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Fixing Schematron validation issue in the IHE Gazelle EVS Client.

  • epSOS CDA ManufacturedProduct
eP/eDFixing an error in the schematron assertion for the epsos:marketingAuthorizationHolder. The used prefix was defined as "hl7:", where now it has been changed to "epsos:". This will avoid a schematron validation issue.

EHSEMANTIC-621 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Fixing Schematron validation issue in the IHE Gazelle EVS Client.

  • epSOSIllnessesandDisorders value set

Wrong OID stated for ICD-10 in ART-DECOR. For the epSOSIllnessesandDisorders value set, the OID has been changed from '' to ''

EHSEMANTIC-627 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Just correcting the value set definition and solving a Schematron validation issue in the IHE Gazelle EVS Client.

  • epsos CDA custodian
  • epsos CDA recordTarget
PS, eP/eDGazelle CDA generated Validator cannot find ART-DECOR specific resources. This causes error messages during the generation of the Gazelle validators. We replaced the schematron assertions which are using the schematron validation vocabularies to textual constraints.

EHSEMANTIC-629 - Getting issue details... STATUS



  • All value sets

Encoding issues were found in value set concepts that contain special characters. These were introduced during the load of the MVC in ART-DECOR. This resulted in errors in the exported files. These encoding issues are now solved.

EHSEMANTIC-643 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Encoding issues for value set concepts containing special characters in the CDA IGs are solved.

  • epSOS-eDispensation
eDSince we noticed a lot of confusion on how a specific prescription is referred to using the inFulfillmentOf element in an eDispensation, the description is improved.

EHSEMANTIC-644 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Only improving the description.


To get the full release notes for the formal Wave 3 release compared with the formal Wave 2 release, the release details of the Release candidates,the formal release and the hotfix releases have to be combined.

Next to the changes listed above, also the changes from the 3.0.0 RC13.0.0 RC23.0.0 and 3.0.1 releases have to be considered to get the full release notes for the Wave 3 release.

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