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ART-DECOR release

This page provides an overview of the different release candidates for the release of the Wave 3 CDA implementation guides. The latest release is available through this page:

The ART-DECOR Release and Archiving Manager (ADRAM) handles the Release Publication and/or Archiving (keep versions) of our project.

A publication in ART-DECOR typically includes the following artefacts derived from a DECOR project:

  • An HTML Online extract that acts as a “freeze” of the current specifications in the DECOR project; it contains project and version information scenarios and transactions, value sets, templates, issues and a summary of the compilation process. The HTML is published at a specific site, known in the project definition as the “Publication location”; Along with the HTML online version, also a downloadable HTML Package is created
    that typically also works offline.

  • A Schematron Runtime Environment containing the generated ISO schematrons from the templates, including all necessary other artefacts like value sets and pointers back from error messages to the published specification (according to the “see” instructions in the generated schematron);

  • A generic (or customized) PDF Publication generated upon request for download, containing all desired artefacts rendered in an appropriate form;

v3.0.0 - Release Details
TemplateDocumentChangeJIRA issue linkART-DECOR issue linkImpact on deploying countries implementation
  • epSOS CDA Material
eP/PSChange MarketingAuthorizationHolder (MAH) subelement namespace prefixes.

EHSEMANTIC-451 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Is part of CP-19 that is newly implemented for Wave 3.

  • epSOS CDA Material

CP-31 - Adapt examples to reflect the representation of the strength of medicinal products

EHSEMANTIC-455 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Only adapting the description.

  • epSOS CDA Material
eP/PSRevert datatype of medical strength from PQ to epsos:PQ

EHSEMANTIC-426 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Reverting a change introduced earlier in the Wave 3 artificacts.


To get the full release notes for the formal Wave 3 release compared with the formal Wave 2 release, the release details of the Release candidates and the formal release have to be combined.

Next to the changes listed above, also the changes from the 3.0.0 RC1 and the 3.0.0 RC2 release have to be considered to get the full release notes for the Wave 3 release.

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