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Open issues

Computable CDA templates

The adoption of CP-eHealthDSI-008 implied the move to computable CDA Template specifications as the reference CDA Template Specifications for the eHDSI.

As the original HL7 CDA R2 Implementation Guides for the Patient Summary and ePrescription/eDispensation developed during epSOS and EXPAND were released and used as text-based specifications this change involves a careful work. Many issues due to inconsistencies were already identified during the EXPAND project lifespan and many have been resolved. Still, there is work to do and the eHDSI Solution Provider with the support and advice from the eHMSEG Semantic Task Force and HL7 experts is actively fixing them.

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    Shouldn't we also add her the links to the specification of the CDA L1 (Scanned document / Original Document ) ?

    I believe it would be very handy since this specification didn't existed before.

  2. Dear Marta TERRON CUADRADO, do we have to manage also on this page the Patient Consent defined into the XDR Profile (Patient Consent: 57016-8 and name “Privacy Policy Acknowledgement Document”) and also with Level 1&3 as the scanned patient consent has been also defined? We are currently fixing an issue related to the consent but not yet sure if this is managed by the main Use Cases?

    Thanks in advance for the info.