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eHDSI Mission, Governance and Communities

Welcome to the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure!

The eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (eHDSI or eHealth DSI) is the initial deployment and operation of services for cross-border health data exchange under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). eHDSI sets up and starts deploying the core and generic services, as defined in the CEF, for Patient Summary and ePrescription. The generic services are the necessary implementation of data exchange at country level, the core services at EU level. These together enable the provision of Cross Border eHealth Information Services (CBeHIS).

The eHealth Operations knowledge base hosts the eHDSI Operational Management Board (eHOMB) and eHDSI Member State Expert Group (eHMSEG)The eHDSI Operations provides a vehicle for stakeholders to handle all operational matters of the CEF eHealth eHDSI. It aims to ensure that the European Commission orchestrates the implementation process of the DSI with the committed and active participation of the Member States and to ensure user organisations and standardization bodies play a role.

eHDSI Overall Intro and Starting Toolkit

view eHDSI Starting Toolkit

eHDSI Policy Governance

view eHDSI Governance

eHealth Network (eHN)

eHDSI IT Governance

eHealth Member States Expert Group (eHMSEG)eHealth Operational Management Board (eHOMB)

eHDSI Owner

(EC - SANTE, Dir. D)

eHDSI Co-Owner

(EC - CNECT, Dir. H)

DSI Solution Provider (EC - SANTE, A4; DIGIT, A3, B4)

Member States Operational Support (eHDSI Community)

Engage with the eHDSI Communities*

*A community is a group of people who agree to grow together. - Simon Sinek

Semantic Coordination Work GroupOpenNCP Steering Work Group
Semantic Task ForceSemantic Architecture Work GroupOpenNCP Technical Work Group

OpenNCP Community

eHDSI ClustersCross-Border (x-Border) ServiceseHMSEG Communication Work Group
Patient Summary ClusterePrescription ClustereHMSEG Legal Task ForceNEW Service Desk Community

Latest Developments and Information

Be aware of recent developments and information about eHDSI progress by contributing to the eHDSI Communities and Work Groups meetings and events. See the eHDSI Events and Meetings Calendar at the end of this page.

info More information on eHDSI Meetings

EXTENDED Week: Wave 3 Formal & Upgrade Test

NEW Due to the COVID-19 crisis, some of the MS could not complete all the Conformance and E2E Functional Tests for some or all of their services. Therefore, this Extended Test Week from  till  comes as an additional time frame for MS to complete the Wave 3 Formal & Upgrade Test Session.  

EXTENDED Test Week - 22nd - 26th June

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eHDSI Country & Central Service Desks

If you need assistance from the eHDSI Solution Provider, please contact the eHDSI Support Team:@ Central Service Desk

info More information on Central Service Desk

If you need to check Country & Central Service Desks - contacts and availability, please go to: 

info Country Service Desks - contacts and availability

eHDSI Highlights

WAVE 4 RELEASE CANDIDATE of eHDSI Services and Artefacts

NEW WAVE 4 eHDSI Services and Artefacts - Release Notes: 

2020 Technical/OpenNCP BOOTCAMP


The Event will take place in The Netherlands. More details to follow.

Get yourself acquainted with the knowledge transfer that took place at the previous eHDSI Bootcamp events: 

info More information on previous Bootcamps

eHDSI WAVE 2 - Production Environment Testing in progress

Get aware of the Certificate & Access to Production Environment Process: A cook book page for Certificates & Access to Production Environment


The eHDSI WAVE 4 Prep-PPT Test event is planned from to  

eHDSI Service Offering and Artefacts

The normative eHDSI Artefacts (Requirements, Specifications and Frameworks) are updated following the eHDSI Change Management procedure.

For details, see the following page describing the eHDSI Change Management procedure and the Change Proposals Registry:

success eHDSI Change Management

eHDSI Deployments and Releases

info More details on eHDSI Deployment plans

Details about the specific version of the artefacts applicable for each Wave can be found on the dedicated page of each service.

eHDSI Release Notes

Wave 3 Artefacts

Wave 2 


Currently in routine operations.

view Wave 2 Operation Ready

Wave 1


Not applicable/supported anymore, as all Member States in routine operations are expected to have upgraded to Wave 2 Specifications, in September 2019.

Table of Contents

eHDSI Events and Meetings Calendar

Events   time Complete Calendar


    Customise the different types of events you'd like to manage in this calendar.


    Optionally, restrict who can view or add events to the team calendar.


    Grab the calendar's URL and email it to your team, or paste it on a page to embed the calendar.


    The calendar is ready to go! Click any day on the calendar to add an event or use the Add event button.


    Subscribe to calendars using your favourite calendar client.


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