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eHDSI Business Analyst
  • Updated the status of all requirements in the eHDSI Requirements Catalogue. Requirements done for Wave 3-Operation Ready.
    • Business Requirements (numbered 01, 02 etc.) and their related Solution Requirements (numbered 01.01, 02.01 etc.)
  • Details on the process and main updates can be found in the Wave 3-Operation Ready Release Notes.


eHDSI Business Analyst

Consolidated Business Requirements (numbered 01, 02 etc.) and their related candidate Solution Requirements (numbered 01.01, 02.01 etc.) added to the Requirements Catalogue.

The statuses of the requirements and the known issues are explained in the Wave 3-Release Candidate Release Notes.



eHDSI Business AnalystThe eHDSI Additional Use Cases where moved to the eHDSI Candidate Requirements list (backlog).

eHDSI Business Analyst

First version. Content ready to be reviewed by the eHDSI stakeholders.

Last updated: Jul 03, 2019 12:35

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  1. Dear eHDSI team,

    Thank you very much for setting up online all this content.

    I might have lost an explanation during one of the tcon but could you remind me the purpose of the Requirements Catalogue ?

    Is it supposed to replace some of the specifications documents ? For example, the content looks similar to the functional requirements specifications documents and I am wondering how this catalogue interacts with other specification documents ?

    Sorry to make you repeat things if you have already answered this question.

    Kind regards,

    Antoine Chaudières

    1. Hello Antoine CHAUDIERES

      Simona-Maria TIPLEA is the expert on this topic, but since she's on holidays, allow me to try to provide you the clarification you are looking for:


      The Business Requirements: Define the Business and Stakeholders needs, by mainly answering the question WHY.

      The Solution Requirements (Functional and Non-Functional): Describe the capabilities and qualities of a solution that meets the Business Requirements, by mainly answering the question WHAT.

      This rational for the above statements is described at:

      - Interoperability Specifications

      - Approach Description (Business Analysis and Requirements Management)

      • SECTIONS
        • eHDSI Requirements, Specifications and Guidelines
        • Requirements Definition and Classification

      The Business Requirements current release aims at answering the WHY by describing the business needs in the eHDSI.

      - While describing the BR, we considered the content coming from the currently named "Functional Requirements" documents and eHN guidelines, since part of the content was identified as Business Requirements.

      - The overlap that exists, is because our work approach for wave 2 did not included the revision/update of "Functional Req" documents, but focused on structuring/defining the Business Requirements (Wave 2)

      - Review/redefine of Functional & Non-Functional Requirements will be performed during the Wave 3 development cycle.

      The current overlap is not a problem, it is a symptom of a work in progress that must be continued and consolidated for wave 3.

      Please focus your (NCPeH) review effort in answering the following questions:

      a)      Are there any eHDSI business needs not covered in the proposed Business Requirements?

      b)     Are each of the proposed Business Requirements described clearly and accurately?


      Did it helped?

      1. Thank you Licinio.

        It's much more clearer now.

        1. Hi Licinio,

          Please find below some general comments, I also added some comments directly in the requirements.

          • There might be missing a requirement around what could be high level architectural requirements in which we could have :
            • Provide a packaged solution that uses state-of-the-art technology (and / or Open source ?), can easily be configured and deployed in a MS, interfaced with a national infrastructure...
            • Another requirement is the sustainability of the framework although I am not sure it fits here.
          • My understanding is that this list only covers OpenNCP requirements and not other central services (eg. Terminology server). Is that correct ?
          • The requirements could be even more explicit especially on the part "business requirements description" in order to provide more clarity

  2. Comments from the Swedish team

    Dear Solution Provider,

    Thank you for your work with the business requirements. Since Sweden at this point only will provide the ePrescription X-border service we have only commented the parts regarding ePrescription.

    We have suggested a number of changes, which hopefully will be clear and easy to understand.

    There are also a few general comments, which will require more extensive rewriting. In these cases, we have not provided the wording of the suggested changes. The reason for this is that it has to be decided in what way the suggested changes will be handled. 

    Please contact us for detailed explanations and discussions of what we consider as unclear or incorrect regarding the following:

    • The definition of what should be considered as "substitution", especially "package size substitution". 

      The way the word "substitution" is used in the business requirements may be correct from a technical point of view, but from a pharmaceutical point of view it is not optimal, or even correct.
    • Single concept

      This concept has not been used earlier and we already have defined standards for the information elements.
    • Successful confirmation of dispensation before handing over the medicine to the patient in Country B.

      The reason is that a prescription is a specified amount that country A has the ownership of and therefore country B has to have a confirmation before giving the medicine to the patient in country B.

    Best regards,

    /The Swedish team through Sam Mofrad

    1. Dear Sam MOFRAD and the Swedish team,

      Many thanks for your thorough feedback on the eHDSI Business Requirements catalogue. 

      Next week, we plan to start integrating all the review remarks received during the Requirements Review phase.

      We will come back to you for further clarifications and discussions about the best way to describe this set of requirements, in order to get a common understanding and further progress with this topic.

      Once again, we sincerely appreciate your expert input and commitment.