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Governance model for the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure during the CEF funding

Need for robust governance of the eHDSI

The eHDSI needs a robust governance model to succeed as a health policy and initial deployment and operation of service.  The governance also needs to assure an overall coherence of the European Interoperability ecosystem[1] which is being built.

epSOS was a large-scale research and development project under 7th Framework Programme, with an appropriate project organisation. The project exchanged a limited amount of test data.

The eHDSI is a move from a project to deployment phase of cross-border exchange of health data (CBeHIS). A new governance model is needed, which has strong steering elements addressing both policy and technical issues.

When real patient data is exchanged, the NCPeH must be in conformity with the agreed principles as adopted by the eHealth Network (eHN). These principles include but are not limited to the Guidelines for an Organisational Framework of National Contact Point for eHealth[2] , the Agreement between National Authorities or National Organisations responsible for National Contact Points for eHealth on the Criteria required for the participation in Cross-Border eHealth Information Services [3], and Guidelines on Patient Summary and ePrescription.

The eHDSI stage is expected to last at least until 2019. The governance structure as presented in this document will be in operation during the financing and deployment of the NCPeHs under CEF.

It is expected that towards 2019, the EU’s cross-border health data exchange starts to be an accepted practice of the national healthcare systems and that an increase in the patients served by the CBeHIS will be noticed. At that stage, the building up phase of core services is over and many countries have their NCPeH in routine operation, as well some groups of countries show a routine exchange of patient data. This coincides with the finishing of the first CEF funding round for generic services.

Beyond 2020, a new, permanent governance structure is needed for operation and maintenance of CBeHIS.

The permanent governance model is outside the scope of this document.

The European Reference Networks (ERN) will have their governance structures. However, the CEF financing will be under the umbrella of the eHDSI. Many legal, organisational, semantic and technical issues of eHDSI will be the same. The ERNs are in the building phase and the links of eHDSI-ERN to the eHDSI-PS/eP are still unclear and needs to be considered in the near future. At national level the NCPeH may have a role, and at EU level the eHealth Network may get involved in policy decisions.

The governance of the eHDSI-ERN is outside the scope of this document.

Full text available on the right column of this page or in the following link: eHDSI Governance Model

eHDSI Governance Model

2016-11-21 V2 (Updated version 2016) Adopted by the eHealth Network


2015-11-23 V1.0 Adopted by consensus by the eHealth Network

Key Stakeholders

eHealth Network

eHOMBeHealth Operational Management Board

eHMSEGeHealth Member State Expert Group

Solution ProvidereHDSI Solution Provider

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