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Operation Ready

NCPeH Deployment guide

Appendix 1 : eHDSI Service Deployment Plan (SDP) & Preparation Progress Report (PPR) Instructions




Operation ReadyAppendix 1 : eHDSI Service Deployment Plan (SDP) & Preparation Progress Report (PPR) Instructions




Release Candidate

NCPeH Deployment Guide_v2.0.0.pdf

Appendix 1 : eHDSI Service Deployment Plan (SDP) & Preparation Progress Report (PPR) Instructions

eHDSI SDP&PPR v0.7_20170210.xlsx

1.0 (epSOS 3.0)



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  1. Is it possible to attach v2.1.0 of this document?

    1. Unfortunately not yet João GONÇALVES.

      Due to the simple and sad (sad) reason that is the fact of  the review not being possible for now taking in consideration the TESTA adoption and the possibility of using TESTA issued certificates.

      • We will keep deploying countries updated as soon as we know more.

      Can you please confirm if there is a specific information you are looking for?

      • Maybe we can provide you that specific info but not yet the Wave 1 ready: NCPeH Deployment Guide.
      1. Thank you, I'll wait for the final release then.

        1. Licinio KUSTRA MANO: Any news on this? Is this page missing the attachment for v2.1.0 or is it somewhere else? Or is it not ready (waiting for certificates procedure)?

          1. Hello João GONÇALVES

            (sad) The version 2.1.0 is not ready to be released. Most likely only on  (but we still have our doubts).

            For the time being, may I suggest you use the following: Specifications

            • eHDSI Service Deployment Plan (SDP) & Preparation Progress Report (PPR)

            It is the attachment of the deployment guide and even if with less granularity, it provides the NCPeH responsible organisation a set of conformance gates to be passed before and after GoLive.

            I'm not sure if it helps!

            If not, can you please send me an email with the type of information/guidelines you are looking for?

            Thank you for your understanding

            1. As this is the deliverable that contains several considerations for the NCPeH deployment, I was looking to find a version that I could read and check if we're missing something. The 2.0.0 still has some very old deprecated content so I think it's not ready enough to study. I know the eHDSI deployment plan, unfortunately I tend to remember very well of this kind of boring Excel files. (smile) I'll come back to this topic later then.