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Generate Change ProposalRequester : eHDSI Solution ProviderRequested


Register Change ProposalDSI Change Manager (eHOMB)In Registration


Assess Technical ImpactDSI Solution Provider (SANTE A4)Under Assessment


Assess Policy ImpactDSI Owner (SANTE B3)Under Assessment


Assess Operational ImpacteHMSEGUnder Assessment


Switzerland : CP-eHealthDSI-017_Change_IPSec-to-TESTA_v0.9 Switzerland.docx


Ireland : As per request below; to respond to the Operational Impact Assessment on the Change Proposal of TESTA replacing the original IPSec VPN for Cross Border services...

From an Irish perspective it is very low, due to the following...

We are at an earlier stage of implementation than other MS (we Go Live in Wave 3).

We have connectivity to the TESTA network from our own NHN (National Health Network), Sophie Devleeschouwer kindly put me in touch with the Irish TESTA reps.  

Our NCP and inherent component parts will reside in the National Data Centre on this NHN connecting to TESTA.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data being exchanged we are fully supportive of the change proposal and also grateful to the countries that participated in the POC and put the groundwork in to facilitate this.

Malta : CP-eHealthDSI-017_Change_IPSec-to-TESTA_v0.9_[tracked feedback from Malta].docx

Portugal : We do agree with this version proposal of the Change Proposal: “Change proposal CP-eHealthDSI-017” on TESTA.

There is nothing to add at this moment.

Spain : CP-eHealthDSI-017_Change_IPSec-to-TESTA_v0.10_Spain.docx

Merge InputsDSI Change Manager (eHOMB)In Consolidation


Agree Change Proposal ContenteHOMB (DSI Owner, DSI Solution Provider, JAseHN)For approval


Publish Final Change Proposal StatusDSI Change Manager (eHOMB)For Publishing


Specifications Review

Change SpecificationsDSI Solution Provider (SANTE A4)


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  1. Messaging Profile_v2.1.1.doc
    Please remove section 3.1 of this document, as it still refers to IPSec.