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Generate Change ProposalRequester :

Register Change ProposalDSI Change Manager (eHOMB)In Registration

Assess Technical ImpactDSI Solution Provider (SANTE A4)Under Assessment

Assess Policy ImpactDSI Owner (SANTE B3)Under Assessment 

Out of Scope of DSI Owner
Assess Operational ImpacteHMSEGUnder Assessment

Finland : Agree with the change proposal (proceed with implementation and testing)

Italy : CP-eHealthDSI-009_ConfirmationOfMedicinesRelatedCPAgreedInEXPAND_v0.3_mm_2.doc

Sweden : The STF agrees with the changes proposed by Italy on the Change Proposals, which were mostly relating to the readability of the documents, in other words, they are endorsed by the STF.

Prepare Consultations if neededDSI Change Manager (eHOMB)Preparation for Consultation

Provide Advice

Stakeholders (eHMSEG, Communities and SDO)In Consultation

OpenNCP Community :

eHDSI Semantic Community :CP-eHealthDSI-009_ConfirmationOfMedicinesRelatedCPAgreedInEXPAND_v0.5.doc

JAseHN : Out of Scope of JAseHN

Merg InputsDSI Change Manager (eHOMB)In Consolidation


Agree Change Proposal Content

eHOMB (DSI Owner, DSI Solution Provider, JAseHN)For approval


Publish Final Change Proposal Status

DSI Change Manager (eHOMB)For Publishing

Specifications Review

Change SpecificationsDSI Solution Provider (SANTE A4)

CDA templates
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  1. Are there any plans for integrating this change proposal in ART DECOR templates? Giorgio CANGIOLIMarcello MELGARALicinio KUSTRA MANO, do you know anything about this? The implementation is going on, and we would soon need updated templates and validation rules.