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Service Desks of NCPeH and Services in Routine Operations

If you need to check Country & Central Service Desks - contacts and availability, please go to: 

info Country Service Desks - contacts and availability


  • The primary aim of the service desk is to restore the normal service to the users as quickly as possible.
  • In this context restoration of service means:
    • Support the NCPeH organisations identifying, reporting and solving incidents and problems that may occur during eHDSI Service Transition and Service Operation phases.
    • While this could involve fixing a technical fault, it could equally involve fulfilling a service request or answering a query – anything that is needed to allow the users to return to working satisfactorily.


  • Logging all relevant incident/service request details and allocating categorization and prioritization codes

  • Providing first line investigation and diagnosis

  • Resolving those incidents/service requests that do not need escalating across IT

  • Escalating incidents/service requests to Level 3 expertise that the eHDSI Central Service Desk cannot resolve

  • Closing all resolved incidents, service requests and other calls

  • Conducting customer/user satisfaction call backs/surveys as agreed

  • Communication with users – keeping them informed of incident progress, notifying them of impending changes, agreed outages, etc.

  • Updating the Knowledge base within the CEF Wiki Digital pages under the direction and approval of Operations management


It is possible to reduce the number of service desks by merging them into a single location by drawing the staff into one or more centralized service desk structures.

This can be more efficient and cost effective, allowing fewer overall staff to deal with a higher volume of calls, and can also lead to higher skill levels through greater familiarization.

Time Coverage

  • eHDSI Central Service desk
    • Working Hours - 09:00 to 18:00 CET

The eHDSI Central Service Desk is not dealing directly with End-Users questions (that is the Country Service Desk responsibility). In that way, the type of issues to be reported to and resolved by eHDSI Central Service desk does not require a 24 x 7 support.

Single Point of Contact - eHDSI Central Service Desk

  • L3 and L4
    • Via JIRA (escalated from L2) → Internal eHDSI Solution provider process
    • English language

At this time, and taking in consideration the type of issues expected, there is no strong argument to provide Support also by phone call. This communication channel may be added in the future, in case the need is identified.

Support Levels

Support Level 3 Expertise


  • First Level Fix (FLF) - SMT

  • First Contact Resolution (FCR) - SMT

  • Number of issues over a defined period (per month) – reported at eHOMB

  • Incident type and incident per service over a defined period of time (per month)

  • Incident Turnaround Time (ITAT)

  • Average Speed to Answer (ASA)

  • Abandoned Issue Rate (ABR)

  • Number of Issues per service


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