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Wave 3 - Operation ready - Release  Details [W3-OP]



To be complemented with artefacts to be released during September 2019.

Last update:  Sep 30, 2019 15:26

Last update details:


  • The artefacts included in this release were adopted by eHMSEG, with a written procedure ending on  


Please send any clarification requests to:



Wave 3 - Operation Ready


Operation Ready (OP)


  • Requirements Catalogues (V3.0.0)

  • Interoperability Specifications (V3.0.0)

  • Master Value Set Catalogue (V3.0.0)
  • CDA Implementation Guides (V3.0.0.RC2)
  • NCPeH Reference Implementation (3.0.0)
  • Audit Framework (V2.0.0)

  • Monitoring Framework (V2.0.0)
  • Service Catalogue, Delivery and Overall Deployment Plan (V3.0.0)

3rd release cycle for eHDSI Artefacts

  • This is the 1st package of Operation Ready Wave 3 artefacts.
  • A 2nd package of artefacts (for wave 3) is expected for September.


RequirementsCatalogue (Normative)3.0.0
  • Release Notes
    • Consolidated Business Requirements
    • Consolidated Solution Requirements:

      • Including approved CPs:
          • CP-eHealthDSI-019: Include Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) in the description of the Medicinal Product
          • CP-eHealthDSI-021: SAML - Make mandatory the Authentication Method used in Country B
          • CP-eHealthDSI-023: SAML - Update the values for the Structural Role of the HP
          • CP-eHealthDSI-024: Formalize the ''Description'' element in the eP list

1. Consolidated Solution Requirements:

  • Solution Requirements (functional/non-functional) were not entirely reviewed by the eHDSI Requirements Work Group.
  • Integrate the identified gaps to ensure the link with the eHDSI Specifications and the implemented solution.

2. Complete analysis for central services GDPR compliance.

Interoperability Specifications (Previous versions)
Specifications (Normative)


Master Value Set Catalogue

Specifications (Normative)3.0.0
  • epSOSIllnessesandDisorders
    • Display names of some ICD-10 codes (asterisk codes) in the current content contain the related dagger code (e.g. M01.0 'Meningococcal arthritisA39.8'), a few other display names miss a space (e.g. D51 'Vitamin B12deficiency anaemia')
    • Extension of the epSOSIllnessesandDisorders with the optional five-character codes
CDA Implementation Guides Specifications (Normative)3.0.0 RC2
  • Release Notes
    • Remove link between data set elements (Expected date of Delivery) and wrong template element.
    • Link data set element (Advise to the dispenser) to the correct template element.
    • Link data set element (Instructions to patient) to the correct template element.
    • Modify description for strength and package size to reflect CP-25
    • Bugfix: modify reference to Problem template since the OID is changed and it was still referring to the old one.

The 3.0.0 RC2 contains all the functionality planned for Wave 3.

Next step is to include the release in the IHE Gazelle EVS client validator. Once we are confident and quality assurance has been applied on the release, we will release the official version to be used in the upcoming test events.

Central Configuration Services

(SMP User Guide)

IT Service (central service) - (Normative)4.0.0


Central Terminology Services

(CTS User Guide)

IT Service (central service) - (Normative)1.1.0NOT RELEASED
  • MTC versioning
  • EU Login Integration to authenticate users
  • Refactor the mapping functionality (map from National code systems to MVC)
  • Refactor of the current REST APIs to support the new services (e.g. MTC versioning)
  • Enable MTC changes track and trace
NCPeH TG Reference Implementation (a.k.a. OpenNCP)

Software (optional)

  • Open Source Reference Implementation
  • Deployed by each MS or participating nation


OpenNCP 3.0.0 - Release Candidate for Wave 2 testing

OpenNCP 4.0.0 Wave 3 - Release Candidate planned for July 2019

Audit Framework (previous versions)

Framework (Normative)2.0.0

Release Notes

1) Readiness Criteria (Update expected to September 2019)

  • Improve Readiness Criteria description and guidelines
  • Link between criteria and source Requirement
  • Provide rationale for risk assessment to each

2) Incorporation of Operational Audit provisions (agreed during 16 May eHMSEG)

Test Framework (previous versions)
Framework (Normative)2.0.0.RC1


Updates foreseen to September 2019
  • Update of Test Framework
    • Improve PPTs organisation policies
    • Update test plans
    • Increase TEST DATA specifications
    • Improve clinical content validation rules
    • Update of Test Platform
    • Update according to Test FWK new provisions
  • Consolidated Test Plan
  • Detailed test cases for each type of document (PS, eP and eD)
  • Review of the specific questions in the Evaluation Form (functional End-2-End testing) related to Patient Consent

Monitoring Framework

Framework (Normative)2.0.0Release Notes
  • [FIXES]
    • Corrected document history versioning (instead of 3.0.0.RC1 > 2.0.0.RC1
    • Section 2.2, policies for KPI-3, added 3.2 in the "the raw is captured from EC hosted services."
    • Page 18, KPI.1-4, fixes:
      • Rationale: replaced "requested" by "provided"
      • Aimed usage: content adjusted to Patient Summary (it was about ePrescription)
    • Page 19, KPI-1.5, fixes:
      • Rationale: replaced "ePrescription" by "Patient Summary"
      • Aimed usage: 2nd bullet replacement (it was referring to ePrescription)

  • Define a template for raw data reporting

Operations Framework (previous versions)

  • Operations Framework

Framework (Normative)2.0.0.RC1

Inclusion of:

Proposal for:

  • [UPDATE] Risk Management (further details in methodology application within eHDSI)
  • [UPDATE] Event, Incident, Problem, Access, Configuration Management (further details in methodology application within eHDSI)
  • [NEW] Deployment Guidelines - new approach considering the existing documentation
  • [NEW] Availability Management (within Service Operations Functions)

  • [NEW] Knowledge Management rationale (Service Transition) and Knowledge broadcast (Service Operations Functions)

Service Catalogue, Delivery and Overall Deployment Plan (previous versions)

Catalogue (Normative)3.0.02021 Operations Plan
eHDSI GuidelinesGuidelines (optional)--No content related updates to W3 Release Candidate version[NEW] eHDSI Guidelines on the use of OIDs
eHDSI GlossaryGuidelines (optional)1.5.0Release NotesRefactoring of the Glossary mechanism in order to enable the Confluence Glossary feature.
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