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DG SANTE, CEF eHealth DSI, 2018

Reuse is authorized, provided the source is acknowledged.

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eHDSI Guidelines are intended to provide deploying countries with a minimum set of common rules or directions, but are not normative, i.e. eHDSI deploying countries may choose to implement their own product or follow their own rules or protocols.
Current Guidelines

V1.1.0 Published on

CDA Display Tool GuidelinesThese Guidelines present the capabilities of an eHDSI aware display system, i.e. what and how an ePrescription or a Patient Summary document is shown to human users - the health professionals providing healthcare to a patient or dispensing a medicinal product in a Pharmacy.

V0.1.0 Published on  

Guidelines for the creation of the Master Translation/Transcoding Catalogue (MTC)The purpose of these Guidelines is to help deploying countries to create their national Master Translation/Transcoding catalogue based on the eHDSI MVC by providing general information on the translation and transcoding/mapping processes as well as best practices for creating a national MTC.

V1.1.1 Published on  

Country Service Desk Guideline

As part of the setting up of operational services for the eHDSI, within the participating countries, MS need to provide support to different actors involved in the usage of cross-border eHealth services. The document provides a guideline to the Country Service Desks on how to implement it.

V1.1.1 Published on

Guidance for representing the "known absence" and the "no information available" situations in the eHDSI ProjectThe intention of these Guidelines is to help on the appropriate use of NullFlavor values and "known absence" concepts in CDA documents to best represent the situations for which information is missing or is known to be not present.
Future developmenteHDSI eDispensation Guidelines
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