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General information:

This page describes the project planning processed used in the OpenNCP for software implementation.

Main features included into the releases are presented hereafter but if some more detailed information are required, we strongly recommend to have a look into the meetings minutes

Please feel free to follow OpenNCP implementation and support:

Follow OpenNCP Dev&Ops activities


VersionDescriptionDue dateFunctionalitiesRelease NotesStatus
2.5.2eHDSI Wave 1 -  FORMAL CONFORMANCE test (Jan to Feb 2018)


  • September PAT 2017 issues FIXES
  • Support of the client behind corporate proxy.
  • Secured network TESTA NG is now fully supported.
  • SMP integration fully supported
  • Security Assertions validation through Gazelle
  • CTS integration fully operational
Release Notes


2.5.3.RC1Early hot fix for FORMAL CONFORMANCE test event during (Jan to Feb 2018)


  • FIX: eP/eD CDA Display tool: ability to correctly dispense eP and allow the user to input necessary information for eDispensation.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Automatic Test validation (proxy workaround): added configuration to write directly XML files that can be uploaded to Gazelle validators.
  • FIX: eADC: corrected the information where incorrect information (name of transaction) was being stored.
  • IMPROVEMENT: improved thread and memory handling (to avoid slow performance
Release Notes


(*) Fields in italic indicate a not yet validated integration.

NEXT RELEASE (under development):

VersionDescriptionDue dateFunctionalitiesRelease NotesStatus

eHDSI Wave 1 - Go Live Ready

eHDSI Wave 2 - Prepare deployment



  • Fixes from issues found during January PAT
  • Using Operation Ready Certificates
  • Turn of the logging of clinical data

2.x.zeHDSI Wave 2 -


  • Fixes from issues found during DEC/JAN PAT

y.x.zeHDSI Wave 3 -


  • Workflow Manager (decouple from Portals)
  • Code Refactoring
  • TEST mode enhancements


(*) Fields in italic indicate a not yet validated integration.


VersionDescriptionDue dateFunctionalitiesRelease NotesStatus
2.5.1eHDSI Wave 1 Operation Ready - Hot Fix 


  • [util] Support of eHDSI Gazelle online validation.
  • [protocol-terminator] Fixing XCA retrieve issue (endpoints cleared after error).
  • [tsam-sync] Adding proxy configuration and authentication & Fixing the initial MySQL script for the LTRDB.
  • [openatna] Fixing the Path issue for the audit-backup folder required when the ATNA service is down.
Release NotesReleased


eHDSI Wave 1 Operation Ready


  • eDelivery Building Blocks integration (SML/SMP Oasis)
  • Terminology Services
  • CDA Display Tool
  • OpenNCP Gateway (Auditing, logging)
2.5.0.RC1Minor release including JDK8 migration, first release of Terminology Services, SML/SMP mock services (2017 Connectathon CAT validated).


  • eDelivery Building Blocks integration (SML/SMP Oasis implementation)
  • Java 8 migration
  • OpenNCP Gateway (SMP editor)
2.4.3Hotfix release with Logback logging system integrated (EU BootCamp version)


  • Version alignment of the core OpenNCP frameworks dependencies.
  • Removing deprecated and duplicated external libraries.
  • Moving logging framework from java.util.Logging and Log4j to Logback + Slf4j.
2.4.2Minor patch release CEF Digital ready


  • Bug fixing
  • Code review (scalability ATNA component)
  • Project re-branding epSOS to OpenNCP
  • Re-organization of the components (Maven sub-modules with parent pom)
  • SML/SMP (PEPPOL version) first level integration (update of the ConfigurationManager)
  • CEF Digital infrastructure integration

(*) Fields in italic indicate a not yet validated integration.


  1. João GONÇALVES National Connector coming only in March, may be too late due to the dependencies with the national infrastructures.

  2. Hello eHDSI Team,

    Where can we find more information on what exactly will be provided under the functionality National Connector foreseen in the 2.6.0 version in March ?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Dear Asip EUROPE

      Many thanks for your question and my apologies for the late answer. May I ask you to clarify what do you mean or expecting through the National Connector in 2.6.0? The previous comment references actually the current change proposal linked to the Workflow Manager and National Connector changes which rely some epSOS/Expand relaxations through (NCP-B and NCP-A sides). This part does not really impact the national implementation. For the time being, the National Connector provides a set a services and defines interfaces that should be implemented through the national infrastructure, the most relevant information should be found hereafter and in general under the topic OpenNCP Components/Protocol Terminator.

      You could also found relevant information here

      In few words, it will remove the dependencies to the portal (assertions, unique entry point into the NCP node).

      I hope it will help you to get a picture of the situation, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more detailed information.

      Kind regards