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OpenNCP - Architecture Techincal WG

Date and Time:

Estimated - 11:00 to 12:00 CEST

Performed - :00 to :10 CEST


Teleconference (eHDSI Webex Technical):



Discussion Items


Welcome and roll call, organizational matters

  • Previous meeting remarks
  • Agree on today agenda

Previous meeting :  2020-06-03 - Technical Architecture WG - Meeting minutes


  1. eHDSI Change Proposal:
    1. CP-eHealthDSI-036: Enable dispensation discard operation:
    2. CP-eHealthDSI-042: Implement International Search Mask:
  2. OpenNCP Releases:
    1. OpenNCP Wave 4 BackLog - SWG updates:
    2. OpenNCP Releases Wave 3 and Wave 4 recommendation:
  3. General Information:
  • Minutes from previous meeting approved.
  • Agenda confirmed.

eHDSI Change Proposal

OpenNCP Change Proposal Registry:

1) Assessment:

2) Implementation:

  • CP-eHealthDSI-036: Enable dispensation discard operation:

Implementation to be confirmed:

  • CP-eHealthDSI-042: Implement International Search Mask:

  • Design ISM.xsd  Jerome SUBIGER
  • Complete the TRC assertions defined into the SAML Profile 4.0.0 document  Jerome SUBIGER

3) Draft CP:

  • Upgrade of the IHE TF latest version.


OpenNCP Releases

  • OpenNCP backlog and work items:

OpenNCP Steering Workgroup is still working on consolidation of the backlog for OpenNCP Reference Implementation - eHDSI Wave 4.

2020 OpenNCP Work Items - Progress Monitoring

Based on the eHDSI Formal Test event 2020, no critical issues have been reported to Solution Provider; some minor improvement might be considered especially related to the OpenNCP Portals and the CDA Display Tool. The SWG needs some recommendation to advise eHOMB if an OpenNCP HotFix release might be necessary or expected; in addition to the current backlog Finland has submitted a request for security improvement.

  • OpenNCP v5.1.0

Tomcat 9.X, MySQL 8.X, OpenJDK Wave 4...

Steering Wave 3 release already supporting T9 MS8 OpenJDK officially

Question from Joao related to new gateway (robustness) from Sol Prov or needs to be done at MS side.

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  • Opened Releases and Ongoing issues:

OpenNCP 4.1.0 released  Release note to be used during the eHDSI Extended Test Event in June 2020.

OpenNCP 5.X starting: 4.X in support mode ....

OpenNCP issues: TRC STS

EHNCP-1869 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Brainstorm on future release:

TRC-STS missing...

TWG comments:

João GONÇALVES reminds the need to fix the issue related to the audit messages and the networkId into the TRC STS component which might be set to localhost even after the fix implemented. It raises finding during eHDSI Production Testing. An issue might be consider and added to the backlog for W3 HotFixes.

Kostas KARKALETSIS has reinforced the need for clarification about the responsability and support of the OpenNCP components which are not normative (Portals, CDA Display Tool). MS have to clone the different projects and apply the National implementation and customization.

  • OpenNCP BackLog:

TWG is expecting a finalized list of items from the Steering in order to allocate and give priority to the current JIRA entries  .


Wrap Up and Next Steps

Next Meetings (Calendar subscription)


  • Next meeting (planned):  , 11:00 - 12:00 (Brussels time).
  • AOB: CP request feedback by eP cluster TODO

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