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Release date:  

OpenNCP Release Notes:

The OpenNCP 2.5.0.RC1 release is now available via the CEF Digital Artifacts Repository.

This release is a major release as it is the first complete and aligned release under the eHealth DSI governance. The current OpenNCP Reference Implementation is now fully supporting Java 8 and provide a lot of improvements and scalability through the different components.

The OpenNCP 2.5.0.RC1 is now ready for the next connectathon session and this is the entry point for Going Live.

You could find more information related to roadmap and evolution at the following link.

Included components:

ComponentVersionChanged in
current version
Client Connector2.5.0.RC1Yes
WS Server2.5.0.RC1Yes
OpenNCP Portal2.5.0.RC1Yes
OpenNCP Web Portal2.5.0.RC1Yes
Security Manager2.5.0.RC1Yes
TSAM Sync2.5.0.RC1Yes
Stork Plugin2.5.0.RC1Yes
CDA Display Tool2.5.0.RC1Yes
ComponentVersionChanged in current version
OpenNCP Util2.5.0.RC1Yes
Configuration Manager2.5.0.RC1Yes
TRC-STS Client2.5.0.RC1Yes
Audit Manager2.5.0.RC1Yes
e-SENS eID richclient1.1.0-rc18No
e-SENS eID esign-main1.1.0No


Main changes:

ComponentVersionMajor changes


  • JDK8 support (current version is Java 1.8.0-121).
  • Hibernate framework version 3.6.10.Final.
  • Spring framework version 3.2.18.RELEASE.
  • Migration to Tomcat 8.5 (8.5.12).





  • The OpenNCP Portal artefact was compiled towards the Liferay Portal version 6.2.5 artefacts - this is the recommended version of the Liferay Portal with a major changes by running under JDK8.

  • The OpenNCP server side is not supported on Tomcat 8.

Infrastructure organization:

  • Issues Tracker:
  • Artifacts Repository:

Artifacts Location:

Change Log:


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  1. Hello, I had a problem deploying the openatna-web-2.5.0.RC1-20170328.124550-2.war . I solved the problem by adding mysql-connector-java-5.1.14.jar in the lib folder. It's a good way ?

    1. Dear Rafael JIMENEZ, I'll add the fix into this EHNCP-1114 - Getting issue details... STATUS and also update the installation guide.

      But you're right you have to put the mysql jdbc drivers into the Tomcat lib in order to prevent issues as it has been described here EHNCP-1103 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

      The version used is mysql-connector-java-5.1.14.jar otherwise it creates Warning with "SSLUse" and "checking hostname" which impose more configuration.

      Please do not hesitate if you have more question.

      Kind regards