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About this workshop


Preserve your digital information to reuse it, while keeping it interoperable and trustworthy!

The CEF eArchiving Building Block is holding a three-day workshop at end of January 2021.

Register for three days of presentations, interviews, use cases and panel discussions to gain practical knowledge on how 

eArchiving is helping data producers, archives and solution providers tackle the issues of long-term accessibility of information.

Participants should submit questions and suggested discussion points beforehand using the comments section below or by sending an email to 


The CEF eArchiving Building Block provides specifications, reference software, training and service desk support for digital archiving, including digital preservation. In order to help users benefit from the features of the Building Block, CEF is running a series of training Webinars that will cover its core functionality and other relevant CEF eArchiving content. 

Ask us a question!

If you have any additional comments or questions on the webinar, or generally concerning CEF eArchiving or the Service Offering, please reach out to us via Service Desk.

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Written responses from the interactive Q&A 

Agenda - Introductory Session




10.00 - 10.05
Opening Session
Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak, European Commission, DG CNECT G2 Head of Unit
10.05 - 11:15
eArchiving Introduction: Interview, Case Study and eArchiving Services
Fulgencio Sanmartín, European Commission DG CNECT G2
Anders Bo Nielsen, Danish National Archives
Janet Anderson, Danish National Archives
Karin Bredenberg, Sydarkivera, Sweden and DLM Forum
Kuldar Aas, Estonian National Archives
Jaime Kaminski, Highbury R&D, Ireland
Diogo Proença, INESC-ID, Lisbon, Portugal
Carlota Bustelo, Gabinete Umbus SL, Spain
István Alföldi, Poliphon Kft, Hungary and DLM Forum
11.15 - 11:30
Break Until Session #1 - Data Producers

About CEF eArchiving

Financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the purpose of the CEF eArchiving Building Block is to promote the uptake and accelerate the use of eArchiving specifications amongst both public and private entities established in the EU. The benefits to both users and the wider economy of adopting eArchiving include:

  • Flexibility: supports scaling of digital archival systems from small to very large
  • Standardisation: enables information assets to be transmitted, preserved and re-used across borders as well as time
  • Efficiency: accelerates the delivery time of a working digital archive, while controlling costs
  • Transparency: ensures a high level of confidence among all participants in the information value chain
  • Risk management: reduces risks in information assurance

To do so, CEF eArchiving makes the following services available:

About the CEF building blocks

The CEF building blocks provide basic services which can be reused to enable more complex digital public services offered to citizens, businesses and public administration. They provide reusable tools and services helping to underpin the Digital Single Market, that aims to remove digital regulatory barriers, contributing as much as EUR 415 billion per year to the European economy. The CEF Digital Portal is the home of the CEF building blocks (Big Data Test Infrastructure, Blockchain, Context Broker, eArchivingeIDeDeliveryeInvoicingeSignatureeTranslation and Once Only Principle). It is the one-stop-shop for information about the building blocks.