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Overall, in line with the objectives of Directive 2011/24, the deployment of eHealth solutions will increase safety and quality of care throughout the EU, notably by:

  1.  providing immediate clinical information needed in an emergency situation abroad
  2. ensuring continuity of care across borders
  3. collecting and consolidating clinical data across borders to support public health and research.

Patient Summary

In particular for Patient Summary, when a citizen makes an unplanned cross-border healthcare visit to a health provider in the European Union, both the citizen / patient and health care professionals will have access to the person's Patient Summary and other relevant Electronic Health Record documents.


This service will allow a patient who is abroad to receive medical treatment which is equivalent to the one that he would receive in his home country. The objectives are to allow dispensation of ePrescriptions across all Europe and support the documentation of dispensed drugs. Patient safety while staying abroad will be increased since an electronic prescription can be automatically translated. Using Dispensation data from the dispensing pharmacy in the country of temporary stay, the health services in the home country can update the medication record of the patient, making health care and prescriptions safer. Although reimbursement services are out of scope of the eDispensation service, some characteristics of the service will assist patients in their reimbursement claims.


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