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How it works

To explain the different ways in which the eHealth Patient Summary can be used, two representative use cases are presented below. 

The human actors (individuals) involved are as follows:

  • The Patient: individual from a country (“country of origin” – country A) requesting healthcare in another country (“country of treatment” – country B).
  • The Health Professional: the qualified/ certified  individual who provides healthcare. The health professional must be registered with at least one professional healthcare organization or health authority belonging to the country of treatment.

The Patient Summary can be useful in any clinical encounter and access will not be restricted to a particular situation. However, the Patient Summary is most useful when the health professional and patient do not share the same language and where, as an unplanned encounter, no information has been previously requested. Within this unplanned scenario, the assistance needed can be emergency or non-emergency care.

Use Case 1

Patient is an occasional visitor in the country of treatment, for example someone on holiday or attending a business meeting. The distinguishing characteristic is that this type of visit is irregular, infrequent and may not be repeated. This is the type of incidental encounter where the health professional will not normally have a previous record of the person seeking care and where the health professional does not know the patient.

Use Case 2

Patient is a regular visitor in another country from his/her country of origin, for example someone who lives in one country but works in another. The distinguishing characteristic is that this type of visit is regular, frequent and the person seeking care may be accustomed to using services in the country where he/she works as a matter of personal convenience. In this situation, the health professional may have some information available from previous encounters; the patient may therefore have a patient record locally stored in country B and possibly also a Patient Summary in country A, and both sources of information could be consulted.


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