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The CEF Digital programme 2014-2020 has concluded. The CEF Digital platform ( is no longer being actively updated. A new website will be coming soon.

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Digital Innovation Challenge
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Discover open solutionsOur portfolio of solutions to help you create new services

Discover the Top 10

Trusted and Secure services


Offer digital services capable of electronically identifying users from all across Europe

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Design solutions and services around secure and reliable exchange of data

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Develop eSignature services and solutions in line with European standards

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Smart governance and data management services

Context Broker

Develop smart applications and services to enable data-driven decisions

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Store and preserve digital information cost-efficiently over the long term

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Enhance trust between parties and improve the efficiency of operations

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Core Public Service Vocabulary Application Profile

Develop solutions and services around stable data models for describing public services related to business and life events

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Data Catalogue Vocabulary (DCAT) Application Profile

Reuse the application profile of DCAT for describing data catalogues with three key concepts: catalogue, dataset and distribution

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CoreVocs (Core Vocabularies)

Create services and develop new systems reusing simplified and extensible data models

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Create services and solutions to support others to process eInvoices according to the European standard

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Visualisation tool from ESTAT

Create solutions and services around the dissemination and better access to statistical data

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EU Survey

Reuse a multilingual online survey management system built for the creation and publication of surveys and consultations

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Create, group, edit and execute test cases within interconnected systems (especially relevant for conformance testing)

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LEOS (Legislation Editing Open Software)

Support public administrations to develop and edit legislation with an open source software

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Licensing assistant

Reuse a tool that allows comparing and selection of open licenses based on their content

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