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CEF DigitaleTranslationA free, easy and secure translation tool to break language barriers in the EU.

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What is eTranslation?

eTranslation is an automated translation tool available to translate text excerpts or complete documents. It is also a Building Block you can integrate into your digital systems, if you need to embed them with translation capabilities.

Covers 24 official languages and more

The tool is designed to translate from and to more than 24 languages in different domains, including Russian and simplified Chinese.

Secure and free of charge

Using eTranslation is free and safe, and you keep ownership of your data at all times.

Easy to use or adopt

You can integrate eTranslation into your systems to make your digital content and services multilingual and accessible to anyone in the EU.

Who can benefit from eTranslation


European small and medium-sized enterprises

Boost your international business with the help of an automatic translation tool.

Public Service Officials

Employees of Public administrations across the EU

eTranslation makes it easy to communicate by automatically translating digital text in 24 EU languages and more.

Public Sector Service Providers

Information System Owners (IT Teams)

We can help you integrate machine translation capabilities into your digital services through an API.

How to start using the solution

eTranslation is an online tool you can use to facilitate day-to-day communication across European countries

3 steps to start translating

  1. Step 1

    Create an EU login account

  2. Step 2

    Create your eTranslation profile, using the same email address as in the previous step

  3. Step 3

    Access the eTranslation Page and choose between translating text or documents

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More about eTranslation

Become a contributor

If you have language resources that can help us improve eTranslation’s quality, we would love to count on your contribution and feedback.

Catalogue of services

Take a look at the catalogue of CEF’s automated translation services to discover new ways of enhancing your digital solutions.


Learn more about eTranslation

eTranslation Infographic (PDF, 116Ko)

Discover the available languages

Flyer EU 24 languages (ZIP, 7.0Mo)

eTranslation in use

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Contact us and start your digital transformation

If you have any question regarding eTranslation, feel free to contact us or join our user community for further discussion and support.

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