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Enable multilingual public services and communication


Available to European SMEs

eTranslation, our automated translation tool, is available to European small & medium-sized enterprises. SMEs can translate any document or plain text in an EASY, FREE and SECURE way in more than 24 languages.

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Public Service Providers

Information system owners

How we can help you integrate your system with eTranslation to make digital content and services multilingual


Officials and SMEs

Employees of public administrations and SMEs

How eTranslation can facilitate your day-to-day communication by machine translating digital text from and to any official European language



Language resource holders and collectors

How you can help us improve eTranslation’s translation quality by contributing language resources



The number of systems that are integrated with or planning to integrate eTranslation

“Without the dedicated support team we could never have delivered the project within the tight two year deadline.”

Krzysztof Iwanski, European Commission Project Manager

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eTranslation Governance

The eTranslation Governance space hosts the eTranslation Operational Management Board (OMB). The OMB provides a vehicle for stakeholders to handle all operational matters of the CEF building block. It aims to ensure that the European Commission leads the implementation process of the building block with the advice of the Member States and to ensure that the private sector, user organisations and standardisation bodies play a role.

This space is restricted  to members of the CEF Telecom Expert Group and Language Resources Board. If you are a nominated member of one of these groups but do not currently have access, you can request it after clicking the button below.


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Did you know about these Building Blocks?

Projects that use eTranslation also chose to use the eDelivery, and eSignature Building Blocks.


Exchange data and documents securely and reliably.


Create and verify electronic signatures in line with European standards.

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