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If you would like to offer electronic signing solutions that comply with the eIDAS Regulation, there are a few things you need to do first.

1Get familiar with legislation and standards

The eIDAS Regulation (910/2014) sets the legal framework for electronic signatures in the EU. It defines who can use electronic signatures and in what context. To ensure that electronic signatures can be created and validated anywhere in Europe, a number of  standards  were identified for their implementation.

Read our summary of the legislation and find you what you need to do to  become compliant .

2Scope your offering

Gather business needs from the market or target user group and translate them into requirements. Keep in mind that e-seals are the same as e-signatures, but used by legal entities, such as a businesses or government organisations.  There are different types of e-signatures and e-seals with different trust levels: simple, advanced and qualified. Qualified e-signatures, for example, feature the highest trust level and have the same legal standing as a handwritten signature. Assess the requirements for each type and define  what types of e-signature products you will be offering.

3Develop your solution with the help of our services

As a service provider, you can build your solution with our open-source library, Digital Signature Software (DSS). DSS supports the creation and verification of interoperable and secure electronic signatures in line with the eIDAS Regulation. You can adopt DSS as such or use it as a reference implementation. Check out our  documentation  and  support services  to help you put together a solution. Consider the  benefits  of going digital with CEF eSignature and assess your eligibility for  CEF funding .

4Test the interoperability and conformity

If your solution is based on the DSS, it’s already compliant and you can skip this step. If you developed your own signing application without the DSS, you can test the interoperability and conformity of your e-signature solutions with our  ETSI Signature Conformance Checker . You can also validate qualified and advanced signatures and seals using our Qualified electronic signature (QES) validation algorithm .

5Access our Trusted List Browser

Access our Trusted List Browser to find over 200 active Trust Service Providers that are accredited to deliver the highest level of compliance with the EU eIDAS electronic signature Regulation.

6Offer and promote service

You are ready start offering and promoting your service.

Questions? Contact our eSignature Service Desk. All of CEF's tools and services are available at no cost.

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