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eInvoicing in Romania


Ministry of Public Finance


Implementing Rules of the Fiscal Code and Law 148/2012 on the registration of commercial transactions by electronic means

Voluntary for

Submitting: Economic operators
Receiving and processing: Central, regional and local contracting authorities


No particular standards in use


No eInvoicing platform available


The Fiscal Code from 2015, in force from 1st of January 2016, and its Implementing Rules approved by Law 227/2015 are governing the electronic invoicing in Romania.

Additional legislation may apply if electronic signature or electronic archiving is used in the process of electronic invoicing:

eInvoicing platform and management solutions

There are no centralised platforms to process eInvoices in Romania. 

Approach for receiving and processing

Economic operators are free to choose their preferred service provider to submit eInvoices to contracting authorities. Currently there is no common approach or specific legislation relating to the use of electronic invoices by the public authorities.

Additional information

There is no additional information available. 

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You can also access the 2016 eInvoicing Country Sheets via the eInvoicing User Community.


Last updated:  Nov 29, 2017 17:33