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eInvoicing in Greece


Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information


No legislation in place

Transposed the Directive 2014/55/EU


Use of the extra year for compliance of non-central entities (by )


Recommended for

Submitting: Economic operators
Receiving and processing: National, regional and local contracting authorities


No mandatory standards



Use of CIUS and/or Extensions



In Greece, there is no legislation for electronic invoicing (eInvoicing) in place. Currently, eInvoices in B2G public procurement are used on a voluntary basis.

eInvoicing platform and eInvoicing management solutions

Further to a successful application to the 2016 CEF Telecom Call for eInvoicing, funding was allocated to RBS Consulting and EDICOM to implement an interoperable eInvoicing infrastructure in Greece. The Interoperable eInvoicing in Greece (GRinv) programme, which is led by the General Secretariat of Digital Policy and supported by Greek national authorities, will implement the PEPPOL ‘four corner model’ to process B2G eInvoices. It is planned to start in the autumn of 2017 and will last for 12 months.

The project consortium, composed of three public agencies and several private entities, aims to enable economic operators to submit and receive eInvoices for the purpose of B2G contract execution via the ESIDIS eProcurement system. The General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection operates ESIDIS.

Furthermore, the General Secretariat of Information Systems will implement a back-office system called GAOS, allowing contracting authorities to handle standardised eInvoices for the purposes of expenses approval, processing and payment.

Approach for receiving and processing eInvoices

Currently, there is no standardised approach to eInvoicing in Greece. The electronic submission of invoices is not mandatory. There are currently several private eInvoicing service providers, such as IMPACT, RETAIL-LINK, SINGULARLOGIC, which allow economic operators to submit their invoices to contracting authorities electronically. Economic operators can submit their eInvoices using various standards. The Greek government authorities plan to evaluate best practices from other countries to see how to best move towards standardised submission of eInvoices in Greece.

Additional information

Greece participated in the PEPPOL Large-Scale Pilot and tested the electronic procurement system for public administrations (e-Prior). 

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You can also access the 2016 and 2017 eInvoicing Country Sheets via the eInvoicing User Community.


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