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eInvoicing is a CEF Building Block that supports public and private entities established in the EU, as well as in participating European Economic Area (EEA) countries to comply with EN, the European Standard on electronic invoicing adopted by the European Commission on 17 October 2017. 

Additional information 

Electronic invoicing is the exchange of an electronic invoice document between a supplier and a buyer. An electronic invoice (eInvoice) is an invoice that has been issued, transmitted and received in a structured data format which allows for its automatic and electronic processing, as defined in Directive 2014/55/EU.

The Core Service Platform include services such as standardisation of the semantic data model, conformance testing for implementers to ensure the correct implementation of syntaxes, maintenance of code lists, interaction with the stakeholder community and onsite and online training courses to build capacity of public administrations in adopting the eInvoicing standard and facilitate interoperability among contracting parties in Europe.

Generic Services Projects support consortia of private and public stakeholders to implement the final version of the EU eInvoicing standard, or to update existing solutions. By doing so, the eInvoicing CEF Building Block supports Business to Government (B2G) and Government to Government (G2G) transactions.



Generic Services Projects

€28.99 million
49 projects / 27 countries

More info on the Generic Services:

Compliant eInvoicing solutions

72 B2G solutions which successfully passed the EU Testing validation (conformance test). 71 of them were supported by CEF Grants.