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Best practices

The CEF eInvoicing building block has its roots in initiatives targeted at the standardisation of electronic invoicing. Standard-based eInvoicing has previously been implemented in projects such as the PEPPOL Large Scale Pilot (LSP), which is now in full-scale production in the OpenPEPPOL community. e-SENS (Electronic Simple European Networked Services) has also piloted eInvoicing solutions in compliance with the European standard, contributing further to the evolution of eInvoicing in Europe.

These are just some examples of best practices in the eInvocing domain. We are happy to listen and publish other cases. In case you have some, feel free to get in touch



The Pan-European Public Procurement Online, the LSP of eProcurement, now transferred to the non-profit international association OpenPEPPOL.

e-SENS (ended March 2017)

e-SENS was launched to consolidate, improve, and extend the technical solutions developed by the thematic LSPs.

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