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eInvoicing Services

eInvoicing Conformant Solutions

This page lists the solutions that passed the Conformance Testing according to the eInvoicing conformance testing guidelines. 

The CEF eInvoicing support Team previously received the Solution Providers' agreement to share the below information on this page. To remove your data from this page please forward a request to the Service Desk.

You are an eInvoicing Solution Provider, your solution passed the Conformance Testing and you would like your solution to be listed on this page!

Contact our Service Desk and provide us with the information below:

  • Company official name;
  • The logo
  • Short description of the eInvoicing solution;
  • Link to the company homepage;
  • Contact point responsible for the eInvoicing solution.

Invoice Portal

Webware internet solutions GmbH offers various features for creating and sending eInvoices using our Invoice Portal:
  •  Web interface for the manual invoice creation and manual upload of the files in our Invoice Portal;
  •  SFTP and API interfaces for ERP integrations;
  •  CSV import and export for legacy ERP systems;
  •  Technical and business validation and forwarding of invoices to recipients via Peppol or email
  •  All Peppol BIS 3.0 formats and regional CIUS (e.g. xRechnung 1.2, ZUGFeRD 2.1 and SimplerInvoicing 2.0 supported)
  •  Invoice transfer can be monitored via a comfortable web interface
  •  SMP service for registration of new Peppol participants in SML
  •  Invoice format conversion
Contact: Julia Berestova (@)

Storecove; Full service Peppol connections

Storecove is a Dutch eInvoicing connectivity provider founded in 2014. Large companies and ERP systems worldwide use Storecove to send and receive eInvoices via the Peppol network. Connect to our solution by using a single (also custom) data format and your sales invoices will automatically be delivered in every global formats required. Using our access point as a service API means your company can be listed as a certified access point on the Peppol website. We offer a full-service SaaS solution. Storecove is the first access point in the world to be certified by governments in all four Peppol territories.  We have our headquarter in the Netherlands and an office in Germany, New-Zealand and Australia.
Contact: Willem Stemfoort (@)

EDICOM Global e-Invoicing Platform

A single solution for your B2B and B2G projects in Europe.
EDICOM’s eInvoicing platform simplifies the process of sending and receiving electronic invoices in multinational environments. It is the solution for companies that operate in different markets from centralised management systems and have to be able to process these documents according to the legislation currently in force in each country.
  • Service availability guarantee;
  • Total integration with your management system;
  • Legal conformity;
  • Constantly updated.
Contact: Andre Menezes (@)

Calvi Insight

CALVI Insight sees eInvoicing as an opportunity for automating the billing process between suppliers and their customers. This covers the generation, transport, processing, procuring, and reconciliation of bills. The aims are to eliminate manual intervention, bring the total processing time back from multiple days to a few minutes, and decrease the risk of errors made during the process. As a Certified Peppol access point and active promotors and frontrunners in the field since the very beginning, we would gladly tell you more about our vision on eInvoicing. 
Contact: Jana van Dam (@)


IN2eInvoice integration component is used for exchanging eInvoices between ERP systems and information intermediaries. For the purposes of invoice processing when sending or receiving invoices, communication between the eInvoice integration component and other processing components is conducted via a web service (due to the modularity and the possibility of choosing different technologies when implementing a web service that does the processing itself). Integration with FINA and My eInvoice services is currently supported. XML documents are created according to the UBL 2.1 standard.
The ERP system creates and exports an XML invoice with the associated attachments and stores it in a dedicated directory that the IN2eInvoice component periodically checks and sends invoices to the information intermediary. Similarly, the IN2eInvoice component checks on the information intermediary side for new customer/client invoices. It pulls and forwards them to the eInvoice archive systems (DMS system) or stores them to the file system. The process (both inbound and outbound invoices) is fully configurable for each business/system user and business unit. The component is not tied to any additional licenses, and the technology used is based on Java and Tomcat.
Contact: Ana Vrkicsmircic (@)


B2BRouter is an online eInvoicing solution that enables companies to exchange electronic documents through the global Peppol network and other national infrastructures such as FACe in Spain, SDI in Italy, XRechnung in Germany or Chorus Pro in France. Upon registration in the B2Brouter portal, users can set up their customers and start sending them eInvoices for free without limits. Becoming premium allows the users to start receiving orders, invoices and credit notes, and enjoy other advanced features such as payment control or capturing data from PDF files for B2B interactions.
Contact: info contact (@)

Ecosio Integration Hub

Ecosio is a provider in the field of B2B integration, specialising in eInvoicing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Through intelligent technologies and service, Ecosio accelerates B2B business processes and enables companies to benefit from automated message exchanges with minimal effort.
Ecosio’s unique, fully managed solution is characterised by outstanding usability, seamless ERP integration and customer support, with direct contact persons provided for each individual customer. Expertise, 24/7 monitoring and error-handling ensure future-proof and B2B integration, precisely tailored to the technical and legal requirements of companies and their B2B partners - implemented via a single, cloud-based connection to the Ecosio Integration Hub.
Contact: Julia Thaller (@)

DocutenBundle Cloud

Docuten enhances client processes by enabling paperless information transmission and implementing digital signature and eInvoicing.  Docuten, as a single provider, helps companies reduce costs by 50% and implementation can be carried out 2.5 times faster than working with several different providers. 
With its eInvoicing solution, Docuten facilitates digital exchanges of invoices for both public (B2G) and private (B2B) clients through national networks like FACe and FACeB2B, and international networks like Peppol. Docuten works with all relevant invoicing formats, offering a complete, legal and valid means to manage invoicing. 
Contact: info contact (@)

FINA eInvoice 

As the first information intermediary for eInvoices in Croatia, FINA is a reliable partner with many years of experience in national and international eInvoice exchange. FINA is the manager of the national central platform for eInvoice exchange with public entities and a certified Peppol Access Point provider. FINA is also one of the EU trust service providers for qualified digital certificates and timestamps.

FINA's eInvoice exchange services are tailored to the needs of users, whether they need individual eInvoicing or automated exchange through ERP. They can also exchange eInvoices with users of other information intermediaries. In addition, FINA eInvoice is connected to banks and their internet banking services. The biggest advantage of the FINA eInvoice service is the PKI technology* based on digital certificates. Each invoice is signed with an eSignature which provides additional security for service user authentication and invoice exchange. All exchanged invoices are securely stored in their original form, and FINA also offers the eArchive service.
*PKI is a technology for authenticating users and devices in the digital world.
Contact: info contact (@)


Unimaze has a from the very beginning specialized in electronic business, we develop state- of the art solution and provide consultation regarding electronic business. Unimaze was founded in Iceland in 2008 and has since grown exponentially. We have acquired and retained customers from multiple countries and currently have offices in Reykjavik, Iceland and in Belgrad, Serbia.  Our goal is to develop software and provide the service needed to simplify electronic business. We want to make electronic business favorable and facilitate the spread of the industry worldwide. In ou development, we have emphasized being experts in standards which we believe are the cornerstone of successful cross-border electronic business and our solutions support all the latest standards. Unimaze is a certified Peppol access point and we have facilitated and taken part in various standardization projects involving Peppol and the EU. additionally, we've been consultants for CEN, the European Committee for Standardization regarding electronic invoicing.

Contact:  Markus (@

Generix Invoice Services 

Generix Invoice Services is a tax dematerialisation cloud service for invoices already used by more than 3,000 companies in nearly 50 countries. The service supports all categories of invoices (B2B, B2C, B2G) from most channels (EDI, OCR, Portal, PO Flip…). It ensures the creation of tax originals in compliance with nearly 60 regulations, connects to government platforms (clearance, e-reporting, B2G), allows eInvoices governance and archives. Generix Invoice Services includes a collaborative platform to digitise the inbound and outbound invoicing process including invoice approval, dispute management, reconciliation, financing and payment services.
It complies with the European standard on eInvoices including the syntaxes EN 16 931, EDIINT AS4 eSENS profile, PEPPOL eDelivery Network and e-IDAS. For several years, GENERIX Group is Peppol Access Point Certified Provider.

Contact:  Christophe Viry (@

Saphety - EDI/e-invoicing 

Saphety is a leading company in solutions for electronic documents exchange and eInvoicing amongst companies. Saphety' solutions ensure compliance with the legislation in force and market standards and meet specific business requirements from different business sectors and companies, including some of the following features/methodologies:
  • Portal interface for invoice creation and document upload
  • Monitor and track document status and updates
  • Specialised teams for integration projects (ERPs) with an allocated project manager
  • Ready for both standard and specific format conversions
  • Multi communications protocols available (i.e. API, SFTP, AS2…)
  • Connection to all major EDI networks 
Contact: info contact (@)

Transalis Ltd  

Scalable global eDI and eInvoice solutions from a trusted partner.  The company gained experience over 15 years, this ensuring Transalis Ltd meets the needs of today’s connected networks.
  • Ready-to-go bundled solutions built based on customer feedback to meet their needs and deliver value from day one
  • Fixed annual costs - no hidden one-off charges making it simple and cost-effective to switch to a new provider
  • Focus on “customer first”, the Customer Experience team helps maximise clients' implementation
  • Self-managed tools that put clients in control of their trading network
Contact: info contact (@)


Billit is one of the largest Belgian Certified Peppol Access Point founded in 2014. The secure Access Point allows clients to send and receive Peppol invoices from their ERP software or via our SaaS platform at Clients can connect their software with the Billit Access Point, very efficiently. Billit is available in English, French en Dutch.
On the Web interface, clients can benefit from an API, a free version, a Technical & Business Validation, UBL, ePRIOR, CII, SimplerInvoicing and an Invoice conversion (AI powered) services. 
Contact: info contact (@)


Crediflow AB

Crediflow facilitates ways to send and receive eInvoices. The solution aims to help customers achieve streamlined work processes and automate/ digitise multiple flows.
Crediflow offers a user-friendly solution without fixed fees and no binding times. 
Clients can easily integrate the Crediflow e-invoice solution within their systems, this though the company's API interface. 
Crediflow eInvoicing solution is compliant with CEF AS4 and CEF EN standard on eInvoice. Crediflow has its own CEF SML/SMP and is certified Peppol Access point and Peppol SMP.
Contact: Georgios Vasiliagos (@)


Having served the electronic business needs of both the public sector and private sector companies for over 30 years, Celtrino has an unrivalled experience in providing customers with supply chain excellence. Prominent in eInvoicing innovation in Europe, Celtrino created TradeHub as a full end-to-end collaborative platform for Peppol, which connects disparate applications, systems, processes and trading partners. TradeHub automates the processing and tracking of all types of Peppol documents, including invoices, purchase orders, dispatch advice and order responses. Distributing all essential data to a user’s ERP and Accounts Payable systems, it gives real-time visibility and control of the entire supply chain across entire order, stock, deliver and pay cycles. Tradehub is the complete transformative tool that provides businesses with a comprehensive integration solution to keep the whole business connected.
Contact: Ken Halpin (@)


bizBox is an open and ERP independent platform that operates cross-industry and offers an eExchange and eArchive Cloud services. Being an EU compliant exchange network, bizBox is integrated into more than 45 ERP/DMS solutions and enables users to achieve a high level of B2B automation, reduce manual work and set up 100% digital business flow.  The bizBox Free EDI eInbox, WEB EDI portal and accountant services integration make possible the delivery of structured eInvoices to SMEs. 
bizBox EDI services ensure national and international eInvoices exchanges according to the EU regulatory framework.
•             European countries eInvoicing standards and syntaxes supported
•             Multi eDelivery protocols available including AS2 and AS4
•             Certified and registered Peppol access point
•             Automated syntaxes mapping and conversion (UBL, GS1, CEN, EDI…)
•             Certified electronic archiving in Cloud
Contact: info contact (@)

eProcurement Service Bus (Managed Peppol Connectivity)

The Procurement Service Bus (PSB) provides a cloud-managed connection to eDelivery networks like Peppol; specially designed for large volumes and low latency with automatic scaling. A large number of service providers, ERP systems and large companies rely on this solution. Using our access point as a service API enables companies to be listed as certified access point on the Peppol website. The interface is based on REST with OAUTh 2.0 layer. 
eConnect International is a Dutch software supplier with a wide range of (white label) solutions. We believe in an automatic administration.
Contact: Johan Schaeffer (@)

PDFtoX converts your regular invoice into an e-invoice, by simply sending it to us as a PDF or image file. Our team ensures the conversation from a PDF to a structured eInvoices.
ERPintegrator is a complete solution that automates manual invoice management. As soon as the solution is integrated within the companies' financial system, it secures the entire process from sender to recipient and performed the invoice conversion to the format requested by customers and its delivery.
InvoiceFirewall is a complement to workflow systems that ensure 100% automatic accounting on creditor invoices.

Contact: Johan Bjørling (@)


Babelway is a cloud-based EDI & integration platform managed and designed by Tradeshift.
Babelway allows automating the exchange of business documents in the cloud using any format (like X12, EDIFACT, PDF), via any transfer protocol.
The company is a certified Peppol Access Point active in Europe and internationally. 
A few good reasons to reach out to Tradeshift Belgium:
  • In-depth Peppol experience (partner of multinationals, Peppol authorities and technology companies)
  • Support for many message definitions formats (xml, csv, idoc, json, more ...) and protocols (ftp, http, as2, more ..)
  • Security (ISO27001, Soc2 Type2, more)
  • Support for other use cases (EDI, send invoice to Chorus pro or Amazon, ...)

Contact: Benjamin Coumont (@)

Viaduct AB

Viaduct gathers a team of experts in electronic business communications and has, since the beginning of the 90's, been working in this field with large and small companies. At Viaduct, we feel confident with concepts such as EDI, Peppol, ODETTE, EDIFACT, eInvoice, e-billing and e-commerce. To implement electronic business communications within companies,  Viaduct offers a solution including:  
  • Complete EDI and web-EDI services for suppliers and customers who want to communicate electronically with their business partners,
  • Automated eInvoice processing with validation, correction and feedback to the sender if the information was wrongly entered in the sent document.
Viaduct handles most common formats as well as all means of communication protocols and is a certified Peppol Access Point 

Contact: Richard Hogestadh (@)

Elcom Systems Limited

With ELCOM eInvoicing solution, clients can receive eInvoices from anywhere and everywhere, all while maintaining and securing compliance with regional and industry standards and regulations worldwide. The process is simple, straightforward and 100% secured.

Contact: info contact (@)

Qvalia Group AB

Qvalia provides services related to Finance process automation. The company redesigns Finance processes with an intuitive cloud-based eInvoice software platform.
By automating accounts payable, accounts receivable, transactional accounting and else, companies can gain full control of any line item on invoices with a plug-and-play solution that is compatible with any IT infrastructure.
Qvalia solution enables eInvoicing automation of all formats, converts analogue formats and keeps suppliers registered. The solution complies with CEF eDelivery AS4, the European standard on eInvoicing (CII syntax). Qvalia also offers a full Peppol support as a certified Peppol Service Provider and Peppol Service Meta-data Publisher (SMP).

Contact: Anders Wasén (@)

Easy Systems b.v.

Easy Systems is a Dutch software developer focused on building ERP-independent software to optimise purchase-to-pay and billing processes. The company has helped over 2,000 entities in optimising and automating their business processes.
Easy Exchange offers an easy-to-use and quality solution for exchanging eInvoices via the Peppol eDelivery Network. Easy Exchange eliminates the need for OCR solutions and enables organisations to work more efficiently. Easy Systems is a certified Peppol access point and an ISO-certified organisation.
Contact: info contact (@)


eSPap I.P. – Entidade de Serviços Partilhados da Administração Pública, I.P.

The Government Shared Services Entity (eSPap) was established to secure the development and provision of shared services within the public administration. eSPap is also used for managing and evaluating the national procurement system, supporting the development of strategic policies of information and communication technologies (ICT) of the Ministry of Finance. 
Within this context, eSPap helps coordinate eInvoicing implementation in the Public Administration (FE-AP) in Portugal. The tool hosts technical and functional requirements that support these implementations, develops instruments to support the entities covered and provides a solution for reception and processing eInvoices.
eSPap I.P main features are (i) Compliance with the different European standard’s syntaxes, (ii) Provide integration feedback through different levels of message status, (iii) Web Editor for invoice creation, (iv) Different communication protocols: AS4, AS2 and WS and (v) Direct integration with the different public ERP’s.
Contact: info contact (@)