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The CEF Telecom programme 2014-2020 has concluded. The CEF Digital platform is no longer being actively updated.

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eInvoicing Conformance testing

CEF eInvoicing offers a test infrastructure that allows solution & service providers and public entities to check the compliance of their eInvoicing solution against the standard in a specific syntax: ISO/IEC 19845:2015 (UBL 2.1) or UN/CEFACT CII.

CEF eInvoicing provides a ready to use testing platform, and supports the users of the CEF eInvoicing Conformance Testing service during the entire testing process.

Who can use the service?

The CEF eInvoicing Conformance Testing service is intended for the following types of users:

  • eInvoicing solution & service providers across Member States that address invoice content validation.
  • Initiatives (e.g. public entities, funded projects etc.) with relevance to (cross-border) interoperability can apply to have their reference implementations and test suites installed in the test bed run by ISA², for their respective communities to use.
  • Software owners, including privately held companies who build solutions as part of a larger programme for which they would need or want to undertake interoperability testing, can then use the test bed to test their products’ connectivity against supported reference implementations, or the conformance of their messages against supported specifications.

Anyone, including those not eligible to directly use the ISA² test bed service, is free to download the test bed software and install a local instance in their own premises.

Benefits of using the service

The CEF eInvoicing Conformance Testing service has been designed to generate a list of benefits to the users of the service:

  • Testing supported by professional staff of the European Commission.
  • Quick testing cycle with reduced cost and time.
  • Testing anywhere at any time.
  • Tests are fully domain-neutral.
  • Ready to use test cases and test platform with a common and standardised plugin.


Service Offering Description - eInvoicing Conformance Testing

Last updated: September 2020 
Disclaimer: The current version of the conformance service is based on the publicly available schematron validation artefacts. We advise you to always use the latest available version. The results may differentiate in time, and the CEF eInvoicing team can’t guarantee the compatibility for past or future tests conducted.

Process Overview Description - eInvoicing Conformance Testing

Last updated: September 2020 
The CEF eInvoicing Conformance testing Process Overview Description is intended for solution and service providers and public entities that need detailed instructions for using the Conformance testing Service. This document is to be used as an extension of the eInvoicing Conformance testing Service Offering Description (SOD).

Get started

To get started, go to the testbed site and start the registration process as indicated in the Service Description Offering document above. 

In the case of any issue, please contact us.