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The CEF Telecom programme 2014-2020 has concluded. The CEF Digital platform is no longer being actively updated.

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Implementing cross-border healthcare information


Many EU citizens travel to or work in another Member State, however, their healthcare information is not always accessible in the Member States where they need the treatment. The increased mobility of citizens coupled with the advancements of digital technologies requires both health policies and health systems across the European Union to be more and more interconnected.



2019 CEF-TC 2019-2  eHealth

Indicative budget  €5 million

Call Open 4 July 2019

Deadline 14 November 2019

Implementing cross-border eHealth

The CEF eHealth services are Patient Summary , ePrescription (and eDispensation)


Understand what CEF eHealth is about, its legal context and how it can benefit Citizens, Patients and Professionals

How it works 

Evaluate the suitability for you by understanding how to access and use services



Access and download guidelines, specifications and software provided to implement CEF eHealth


Collaborate and discuss the CEF eHealth DSI
(Coming Soon)

eHealth Network
our governance partner

  Know more about the eHealth Network 

Building block reuse

eHealth has committed to reuse the eDeliveryeID, and eSignature Building Blocks.


Exchange data and documents securely and reliably.


Offer digital services capable of electronically identifying users from all across Europe.


Create and verify electronic signatures in line with European standards.

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