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The CEF Telecom programme 2014-2020 has concluded. The CEF Digital platform is no longer being actively updated.

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The eDelivery Building Block is a network of nodes for digital communications. It is based on a distributed model where every participant becomes a node using standard transport protocols and security policies. The Building Blocks contributes to a more secure and encrypted communication among public administrations, businesses and citizens.

Additional information 

eDelivery is based on the AS4 messaging protocol, open and free for all, developed by the OASIS standards development organisation. To ease its adoption in Europe, eDelivery uses the AS4 implementation guidelines defined by the Member States in the e-SENS Large Scale Pilot. Organisations must install an access point, or use a Service Provider, to exchange information with the AS4 messaging protocol. An access point is defined as an implementation of the AS4 data exchange protocol. Service Metadata Publishers (SMPs) enable the participants of an eDelivery Messaging Infrastructure to dynamically discover each other's capabilities (Legal, Organisational, and Technical).

The Core Service Platform offers technical specifications, sample software and managed services to public administrations, businesses and market players. The managed services consist in particular of testing services and technical support (training and deployment), as well as onboarding of pan-European projects and new software vendors.

Generic Services support the deployment of access points and Service Metadata Publishers (SMPs) compliant with the technical specifications of CEF eDelivery. The grants have also been used for upgrading existing solutions to the specifications of CEF eDelivery.

eDelivery has strong links to Regulation (EU) 910/2014 on Electronic identification and trust services, commonly known as “eIDAS”. The resulting leading-edge regulation establishes the principle that an electronic document should not be denied legal effect on the grounds that it is in an electronic form. eDelivery supports this fundamental principle of the Digital age by promoting the alignment between its technical specifications and the eIDAS regulatory framework. 



Generic Services Projects

€5.18 million
23 projects / 20 countries

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Use & deployment

680 access points / 39 countries

Deployment started in 2015.


Energy, Economy and finance, Government & Public Sector, Justice, Legal System & Public Safety, Population & Society.