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eDelivery Connectivity testing

About the service

CEF e-Delivery offers two different types of testing services:

  • Connectivity Testing service
  • Conformance Testing service

The goal of the CEF eDelivery Connectivity Testing service is to test if a newly installed AS4 Access Point, conformant with the CEF eDelivery specifications, can successfully communicate with the sample AS4 Access Point hosted by the European Commission. If successful, these tests confirm that the new Access Point is in all likelihood correctly deployed and configured.

The goal of the CEF eDelivery Conformance Testing service is to verify that an implementation of the CEF eDelivery Access Point and SMP specifications, a software package either commercial or Open Source, conforms to the relevant CEF eDelivery specifications.

The CEF Support Team facilitates the Connectivity Testing by making available a sample AS4 Access Point in a cloud environment, as well as providing guidelines and support during the testing process.

Users of the service 

  • Software Providers: to confirm that their AS4 software product conforms to the CEF's eDelivery specifications by successfully communicating with the sample AS4 Access Point of the European Commission.
  • Service Providers: to confirm that their specific implementation and configuration of an AS4 Access Point can successfully communicate with the sample AS4 Access Point of the European Commission.

Benefits for the users of the service

  • Confirm that newly deployed AS4 Access Points can successfully communicate with a neutral organization i.e. the sample Access Point of the European Commission;
  • Testing supported by professional staff of the European Commission;
  • Quick testing cycle with reduced cost and time;
  • Testing anywhere at anytime;
  • Tests are fully domain-neutral.


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