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CEF DigitaleArchivingFacilitate the preservation, migration, reuse and trust of your information

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What is eArchiving?

Important information should be kept accessible and reusable for years to come, regardless of the system used to store it. eArchiving provides core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help people preserve and reuse information over the long-term.

Interoperability by default

Following international standards and specifications for packaging digital information enables organisations to transmit documents and information across borders, for short-, medium- and long-term storage (and subsequent access and reuse) regardless of the platform they use.

Openness and transparency

Having a common set of open specifications for packaging and archiving digital information promotes a high level of transparency and confidence among all participants in the information lifecycle.

Sustainability and legal compliance

With eArchiving, digital archival systems can be successfully deployed, implementing reusable modular components that are compliant with various national legal backgrounds.

How to start using the solution

  1. Step 1

    Determine your digital archiving: what information to keep, for how long (legislation) and who can access it. The answers will translate into your solution’s requirements.

  2. Step 2

    Decide which eArchiving components you want to use to implement the solution.

  3. Step 3

    With the support of our Service Desk, implement, integrate and test your solution!

    Contact us for help or feedback in any step of your journey.

Who can benefit from eArchiving

Data Producers

Anyone with information that needs to be preserved and reused.

Learn how you can apply international standards and specifications to your data, to be able to preserve and reuse it on the long-term.


Organizations responsible for digital archiving activities

We will assist you on following the standardised specifications to keep interoperable and secure the data you have been trusted with.

Solution Providers

Software and service providers

Make sure your development of components or end-to-end solutions preserve data safely and in line with European standards, so your clients can trust your applications.

Key eArchiving resources

Onboarding and training of stakeholders

These services aim to facilitate the onboarding process of stakeholders interested in reusing the eArchiving Building Block.

Technical specifications

In order to create and adapt your archive, or develop your own application, you can refer to our technical specifications to ensure it conforms with the eArchiving standards.

Portfolio of sample software

Discover several sample software components you can use for the development, testing and deployment of an eArchiving solution.

eArchiving in use


23 Projects reusing eArchiving

15 Projects committed to analyse or reusing eArchiving

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“eArchiving facilitates a universal set of standards and specifications for transmitting, describing, and preserving digital data. For us, this will remove the obstacle of different standards and specifications that exists for archives wanting to collaborate or share solutions.”

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Phillip Mike Tømmerholt IT-project leader and project manager, Danish National Archives

eArchiving FAQ

Contact us and start your digital transformation

If you have any question regarding eArchiving, feel free to contact us or join our user community for further discussion and support.

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