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Store and preserve digital information cost-efficiently over the long term

Facilitate the preservation, migration, reuse and trust of your data

The aim of eArchiving is to provide the core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help data creators, software developers and digital archives tackle the challenge of short, medium and long-term data management and reuse in a sustainable, authentic, cost-efficient, manageable and interoperable way.

€1 million in CEF grant funding is currently available to co-fund projects using the CEF eArchiving building block. Apply by 5 November 2020.

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Data Producers

Anyone with data that needs to be stored

How we can help you identify and fulfil your needs, requirements and obligations in storing and preserving data over the long term



Entities carrying out archiving activities

How we can help you ensure that you have the best solution to store and preserve the data you have been trusted with


Solution Providers

Technical developers and researchers

How we can help you develop components and end-to-end solutions to store and preserve data safely and in line with standards


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“eArchiving facilitates a universal set of standards and specifications for transmitting, describing, and preserving digital data. For us, this will remove the obstacle of different standards and specifications that exists for archives wanting to collaborate or share solutions.

Phillip Mike Tømmerholt, IT-project leader and project manager, Danish National Archives

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E-ARK Knowledge Centre

The E-ARK project contributed to harmonising currently fragmented archival approaches for ingest, preservation and re-use through the definition of the E-ARK SIP, E-ARK AIP and E-ARK DIP. The proliferation of standards and references together with the recognition that problems should be analysed from different stakeholder perspectives, and mindful of the motivations which predominate in different communities, the project identified a need for a knowledge system that provides stakeholders with a consolidated view of existing knowledge. The E-ARK Knowledge Centre represents exactly such a system. It provides a comprehensive, but simple and easily understood, set of services that allow users to understand, contribute to and validate information governance good practices.

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