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What is an eDelivery network

eDelivery works as a collection of distributed nodes that are conformant to the same technical rules, and therefore capable of interacting with each other. eDelivery prescribes technical specifications that can be used in any Policy Domain of the EU (Justice, Procurement, Consumer Protection, etc.) to enable secure and reliable exchange of documents and data (structured, non-structured and/or binary), both across borders and sectors. 

As a result, organisations that have developed their IT systems independently from each other can start to securely communicate with one another once they have connected to a eDelivery node.

It is important to note that there is no single eDelivery node per Member State but several ones. Each one of these nodes is deployed for a specific Pan-European Project within a given policy domain: eJustice, eProcurement, etc. Typically, the nodes of eDelivery are uni-domain and uni-project.

The eDelivery nodes can be implemented at any administrative level: national, regional, local or by single organisations. The deployment model must be defined upfront by the Pan-European project.