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About the service

The CEF eDelivery team offers Training sessions and Deployment support of the CEF eDelivery Components (Access Point, Service Metadata Locator and Service Metadata Publisher) to Public Administrations.

  • Training sessions: during the training sessions, Public Administrations will learn about the technical specifications underpinning the components of CEF eDelivery, the services offered by the European Commission and its sample implementations.
  • Deployment support: the CEF eDelivery team may also assist with the deployment of the CEF eDelivery components in the environment of the Public Administration through interactive deployment sessions. It should be noted that the actual deployment remains the accountability and responsibility of the Public Administration installing the CEF eDelivery components.
  • Demo Sessions: The CEF eDelivery team conducts demo sessions of CEF eDelivery where it showcases the sending and receiving of messages using the AS4 protocol according to the eDelivery implementation guidelines. 
  • Hands-on Experience: It is possible to quickly install the Access Point sample software on a FIWARE platform for demonstration purposes. This, simple, first-hand experience will show two eDelivery Access Points exchanging messages. Documentation can be found below.

Users of the service 

The CEF eDelivery Training and Deployment service is intended for Public Administrations that deploy one or more of the CEF eDelivery components: Access Point (AP), Service Metadata Locator (SML) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).

Benefits for the users of the service

The CEF eDelivery Training and Deployment service is a well-balanced combination of information about the technical specifications, components and sample implementations of CEF eDelivery as well as information about how to deploy them. This service has been designed to generate the following benefits to Public Administrations:

  • Improved knowledge and skills on the CEF eDelivery components through on demand training sessions
  • Increased autonomy of the Public Administration in handling and maintaining the CEF eDelivery components
  • Reliability of the deployment with the support from professional European Commission staff


eDelivery demo presentation
Download the demo presentation describing how to configure and set-up your solution

Last updated: 26 July 2016


eDelivery on Fiware
How to install the Access Point sample software on a FIWARE platform 

Last updated: 08 August 2019