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eTranslation Support

Support and Community

If you have questions or need support, contact one of our service desks, consult our FAQ or ask the Community.

Machine Translation Service Desk

This service desk is for eTranslation users such as public sector service providers and information system owners to provide support and answers questions related to the integration, Application Program Interface (API), and usage of eTranslation. The goal of the service desk is to act as the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to address questions, incidents and requests reported by the users.

Users are requested to send any comments and queries to For more information on the Machine Translation Service Desk, please see our terms and conditions

Language Resource Helpdesk

A team of technical and legal experts are happy to answer any questions on the technical or legal aspects related to the use, production, collection, processing, and sharing of language resources. The helpdesk is available to you through the European Language Resources Coordination (ELRC) initiative. For more information on the Language Resource Helpdesk, please see our terms and conditions

The service desk can be contacted through one of the following channels:

Telephone *+33 970 440 522
Secretariat support +49 681 857 7552 85
SkypeELRC Helpdesk

*This number connects to a web-conferencing desktop (Skype). All requests will be handled in English.

Web forum

In addition, a web forum is also at your disposal to submit any questions you may have. Upon receipt, your question will be processed and answered within 24 hours (simple query) to 5 days (complex query). To submit your question, enter the web forum and click the button "new question".


All questions and answers relevant for other users are compiled in a FAQ.

eTranslation User Community lock_open 

Currently, the eTranslation user community is being set up. More details to follow in the near future.

eTranslation Governance lock

The eTranslation Governance space hosts the eTranslation Operational Management Board (OMB). The OMB provides a vehicle for stakeholders to handle all operational matters of the CEF building block. It aims to ensure that the European Commission leads the implementation process of the building block with the advice of the Member States and to ensure that the private sector, user organisations and standardisation bodies play a role.

This space is restricted to members of the CEF Telecom Expert Group and Language Resources Board. If you are a nominated member of one of these groups but do not currently have access, you can request it after clicking the button below.