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Safer Internet: a better and safer internet for children

This is a CEF funded Sector Specific Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs). It deploys complex trans-European digital services based upon mature technical and organisational solutions in diverse areas.

In today's digital society children spend a significant part of their time online, on a broad range of mobile devices and at an ever younger age. However, as a group, children have specific vulnerabilities and it needs to be ensured that they are equipped with the digital skills to use the internet to their advantage, responsibly and safely.

What Safer Internet about?

The Safer Internet infrastructure is providing access to child-appropriate and child-safety related content and services that are delivered either at EU level or via interoperable national Safer Internet Centres.

Safer Internet Centres provide awareness and education about opportunities and risks that children are facing online, helplines giving advice to young people on problems they encounter online and hotlines for reporting and helping to remove child pornography found online.

Building on the existing infrastructure of well-established Safer Internet Centres in all Member States the DSI continues to support actions both at European and national level. Through the BIK platform, which was launched in October 2015, Safer Internet Centres share tools, resources and good practices and provide services to their users.

The ultimate goal is to make the internet a safe and trusted environment for children and young users.

What is the Policy Context?

The European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children (BIK) Communication of 2012 identifies Safer Internet  as one of the actions to scaling up awareness and youth participation

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What's in it for me?

Are you a child?

The ultimate user beneficiary are children, who by increased awareness and empowerment strategies will be given the possibility to improve their digital skills and be active and creative in a safer digital environment, and to get better choice of quality content and positive experiences specifically designed for them.

Are you a parent, a carer, a teacher or a professional working with children?

You are the key intermediary who will be able to have a higher level of understanding and trust in the way in which online content and services are accessed and used by children.

Are you a private company?

Industry stands to benefit from increased market opportunities for content and for impact of awareness campaigns, and from cross-border provision of associated services (helplines, hotlines).

Building block reuse

Safer Internet has committed to analyse the eID and eTranslation building blocks.


Offer digital services capable of electronically identifying users from all across Europe.


Enable multilingual public services and communication.